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This attitude hack makes people rich

by Penina

If you’ve read my blog you’ll know there are a zillion ways to save. I’ve documented over 30,000+ ways time, money and sanity sanity saving tips over the past five years. The advice is real, practical and delivered fast.
Here at the Savings Room saving money is fun and if you read the tips you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank – like we are.
This isn’t rocket-science. It’s good. plain, old common sense.
Getting off the debt treadmill is easier than you think. The cycle of earn, spend-too-much, need-to-save-more can end.
I’ve always believe that attitude is everything. You can have all the skills, money and time in the world. But if your attitude is wrong, you’ll stay stuck. Savings success requires thinking outside the square, shifting old beliefs and taking control.
Read on…

Find joy in the simple things

An old friend from my uni days once told me this:
Quote: Life is simple, people make it complicated.
He was right and that was good advice way back then. The penny did drop on this one for me in the end. But it was only through life experience and plenty complicated days that I finally got this.
Most people want to feel alive, surrounded by people they love and to live an inspired day. We live to feel like this. To feel the euphoria of true rather than false happiness.
But we’re human. It’s easy to sabotage ourselves. We often limit opportunities and the answers are often simple and right in front of us.
Money and possessions don’t make people happy. But money does afford people time to stop and enjoy life’s pure pleasures. Whether you want to stop and smell a rose or write a letter to thank your mum – money will buy you the time to do that.
If you want to feel untouchable and free from stress, finding financial freedome is a sure way to get there.

Clear the clutter

One step towards a better attitude is to clear the clutter. Yes – declutter your mind, body, soul and home. It’s not until you remove life’s cobwebs that you can let the light, as well as more opportunities in. Free yourself of junk, as well as old and broken material items. Aim for a more minimalist lifestyle and you’ll notice a nice shift in attitude and clarity of mind.
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Reduce consumption

I have this other little trick.
Halve what you are doing. For example, are you eating too much? Try halving what’s on your plate. Feeling stressed? Consider halving your pace today. You’ll feel calmer and by feeling more relaxed you’ll focus better. Ironically, this results in getting more done!
There’s a lot of marketing going on out there. Marketing gurus are highly-trained and they’re experts at making you spend.

Pezibear / Pixabay

Try this:
Go into a supermarket and try to buy only what’s on your list. This is hard to do because supermarkets push a product on you every step you take. The marketing is powerful and usually too powerful for the will of most people. They know that and they make zillions of dollars every year because they know how to market to you.
Consumer-driven societies rely on people consuming more. They set you up to buy stuff you don’t need. Masses of people (yep – that mass market) buy homes, cars and couches (yep, I’ve done it all) because we’re busy. We’re taking this marketing in on a subconscious level. Most people make purchasing decisions ‘in their sleep.’ We want to make conscious decisions. But our final decision often comes from the subliminal marketing we’ve inhaled daily.
Yes! I’m talking the advert we’ve seen or heard over and over again in the past month or year. Think: Washing powder. Become aware and conscious of the marketing trap, which preys on people being too busy to notice.

jarmoluk / Pixabay

Do this:

  • Put your blinkers on. Shop with a list and stick to it.
  • Don’t try to keep up with the Jones’s. Find inner confidence.
  • Shift your thinking and attitude towards life and money.
  • Live well and enjoy pure non-monetary pleasures in life.

Read my story here:
How simplifying life made us rich in the end. BTW – this is not a story about money. It’s actually a love story.

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