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Supermarket savings | Change your attitude and save big

by Penina

Want to save more money at the supermarket? If you have ever found a $20 note or even a $100 note in the pocket of an old jacket or pair of jeans, you will understand the importance of saving money at the supermarket. If you go through all the pockets in your wardrobe I bet you’ll find money! (Try under the seats in your car too – always a goldmine for me!) With the right attitude you will quickly find yourself, counting notes you haven’t spent onto the kitchen bench after a grocery shop with a big fat smile on your face.
Attitude is everything at the supermarket. Taking the job seriously, like it is a job (and your boss is watching), is the key to supermarket success! Think of yourself like a super athlete in the supermarket. Every decision you make costs money. The speed at which you shop costs money. Are you up for the challenge? If you are, you’ll be sitting pretty in that new dream home, car or boat before August comes around again. Seriously!

Decisions equal big dollars

Each decision costs dollars

Think of each decision you make at the supermarket as one dollar or a few minutes at work. You will make strategically better decisions when you link your thoughts directly to money or the hours it took you to make the money.

Time yourself

Aim to get in and out of the supermarket within a certain timeframe. For example, set a timer on your phone for ten minutes.

Are you a strategic shopping athlete?

Speed it up

  • Be fast, be focused and then get out. Put your skates on.
  • Pretend you left some potatoes boiling on the stove at home. This will speed up your grocery shopping process.

Challenge yourself

Go into the supermarket with a ‘challenge’ attitude. Set yourself a budget challenge and see if you can meet it. Try an odd number like $70 or halve your usual spend and see what you can achieve.

Grow instant willpower

Take a willpower challenge each time you go to the supermarket. Buy only what is on your list and practice not buying anything extra, and this means, not one extra item. Put that chocolate bar back!

Need more great tips for saving money at the supermarket?

If you need more ways to save money at the supermarket download money saving cheat sheets and printables! Use up leftovers, create quick and easy meals, find healthy budget lunch and dinner ideas!

Printables for creating budget meals and weekly menu planning

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