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Storage solutions | It is time to clean out that shed!

by Penina

Spring is here and as part of the decluttering process it is time to clean out that shed using some excellent storage systems and tips from the Savings Room! Whether you own are a business owner running a large factory, a tradie with a shed full of tools or a stay-at-home mum with a garage full of toys and garden tools, cleaning out the shed is more simple than you think. Get everyone in the home helping too, because as the saying goes ‘Many hands make light work.’
Tip: Dedicate a day this spring and use these quick step-by-step instructions to get your shed decluttered and fast!
There are two simple steps to this process:

  1. Investing in good storage systems
  2. Organising your shed and items into those systems

Keep reading to get your shed sorted so you can get on with your business or life in an efficient and organised way!

Step 1: Invest in excellent storage systems

The first step to an organised shed is to invest in excellent storage systems. Even if you clean out your shed, the lack of a good storage system will have it return to its former cluttered state
Tip: Good storage systems are the key to any clean home. You need a place for everything.

Here’s some inspiration


These are the kind of storage solution systems you will need

Elbowroom storage solutions

Step 2: Now get your shed sorted in 12 steps

  1. Clear the middle of your shed for sorting purposes
  2. Make a ‘throw it out’ pile outside the shed to get that stuff out of the way
  3. Make a ‘sell it’ pile outside for items you will be selling or giving away to an op shop
  4. Now remove tools and items you don’t need, use or are selling
  5. Place items to be kept in your shed in the middle of the floor in piles
  6. Sort tools and items into piles by use E.g Garden tools, building tools etc
  7. Now split those piles into ‘most used’ and ‘use less often’ piles
  8. Install storage solutions, hooks on walls for hanging items and storage containers according to those piles you have created
  9. Now place items onto and into those storage solutions with ‘use less often’ piles at the back and ‘use more often’ items at the front for easy access.
  10. Clearly label boxes, containers, small shelves and larger shells for ongoing navigation purposes
  11. Keep paths to areas and larger items (like the lawnmower) clear so you can get to them when you need them.
  12. Hang tools and items (like bikes) on the wall like in the pictures above.
Do you have any great ideas on organising the shed based on experience?

Submit them in comments below!

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