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Boredom is dead

We are all guilty of it. We tap away on our iPods, tablets and smartphones every moment of every day. We are doing it while munching on toast at breakfast, waiting for a latte at a train station, while sitting on the loo and even while watching our favourite TV show. We’ve become a nation of addicted, multi-tasking, digital-devotees and boredom is old school.

Even grandparents are ‘hip with it’

A face-to-face conversation has been replaced with a like on Facebook; Yeah – your friend’s kid (the one using icecream as moisturiser) is a scream and it’s a cinch to let your friend know via a simple click during your busy work day. A play date is arranged via SMS. You’ve got your mother on instant messaging and the kids have trained up granddad on Skype and he’s cooler than other granddaddies out there now. While nothing beats a real life hug, technology has afforded us all a highly convenient means of interacting and keeping in touch more frequently, in an era that is busier than ever.

We are shopping in our slippers

And that’s not all. We are doing everything via tech from shopping for groceries online to pre-planning an event and buying that perfect outfit online via sites like Etsy and Ebay. We can run our lives in our slippers while watching a soap and sucking on a slurpie. Sofalising is so much fun…
Definition: sofalising – Socialising with people online via social networks, usually while lounging on a sofa, rather than meeting up in person.

Social Selling

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Hot tip
If you love your mobile that much (because your life is on it) consider checking out the awesome and fashionable cases at Protection Lab. That’s where I bought mine and with a five-year old grabbing it hourly – trust me, this has been worth money considering hubby and I bought our iPhones outright and not on a plan. My husband (a tradie) is equally chuffed with his – since he’s on ladders with ‘his life’ hooked to his belt!
Here’s a thought: 
Jump on your newly protected mobile and pitch something on Pitchi.com with it. Now there’s a win-win scenario. Plus – there’s extra protection. If you’re on your mobile – your kid can’t be on it too. Double whammy protection. Nice…

We are learning and mastering new stuff

We are also getting super smart. If we want to know how to make sushi we will jump on YouTube and learn the exact method to do this and we will do so via a real master and sushi chef. This year I learned the exact process for painting a kitchen in high-gloss from an experienced painter. I avoided all the possible mistakes that could have been made if I attempted this without this Youtube tutorial.
Excuse the cliché, but the world really is our oyster now and we can have it all now, today, this moment, in the next 60 seconds…

The world is about to change for the better – again!

But it gets better and there’s a company who is about to change how we shop forever. Recently, an Australian-based site called Pitchi.com joined the big leagues with a fresh and innovative twist on the traditional concept of marketplace sites. This site introduces an unconventional approach to the traditional concept of buying and selling online by using video to represent products. The concept is to create a Pitchi, which is a 60-second video pitch of the item you wish to sell. It can then be shared across various social media platforms and has the potential to go viral if viewers like your pitch. More information on the concept can be found at the sites Wikipedia page.
Pitchi is like YouTube, Twitter and Ebay all wrapped up into one neat and simple package and since I am branching out into ecommerce myself, I’m excited because as a highly visual person, selling online this way is exciting, super fun and can be done at turbo speed!
I just joined Pitchi and sign up was very easy. You can join quickly using your Facebook account or create a simple user account. There is also an app called Pitchi on the Go on Google Play (Android) and also Apple (iPhones) so you can buy and sell from wherever you are. Yeah, while the kids are munching on their toast you can make some money to buy them some Christmas presents. Nice work mum…
Note: Stay tuned HERE for an update here on my first Pitchi. Coming soon….
Love the concept of social selling? Consider making some more money this way: How to have a successful garage sale

Here are simple tips on how to do social selling and create your first Pitchi

Decide on how you want your Pitchi to be

Is your video gonna be funny, moving, or maybe serious? The key to creating a good video to sell your item is to know your strengths and play with them. If your sense of humor is to die for then make sure you show the world.

Polish the sales pitch

Don’t forget that you are, first and foremost, selling a product. So polish that spiel and start capturing your video to feature your product in the most creative way possible. Do that and you’ll be counting your profit in no time.

Create an awesome video pitch

Keep in mind the basics of taking a good quality video like the lighting and the audio. Make sure that your surrounding is well lit and your microphone is getting audio without interference. Play with whatever you have. If you’re shooting with a smartphone, make use shoot in plenty of light to ensure best quality.
Look out world. Social selling is fun! Pitchi is here. What do you think of this awesome new social selling platform? Be sure to place your comments below.

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There are three kinds of people at Christmas. The lovers of Christmas, the haters of Christmas and then there’s the hybrids. I consider myself a hybrid, since I am both dazzled by all that lovely glitter and then fearful of the potential spend.

The question is:

What kind are you?

Here’s a list I compiled of some of the things people hate about Christmas

1. Christmas itself – period.
2. Standing in lines at stores
3. Christmas TV adverts
4. Consumerism
5. Traffic, traffic and more traffic
6. Spending too much money
7. Is sad for lonely people
8. The crowds at malls
9. Christmas shopping
10. Deciding who to buy for
11. People rushing around like crazy
12. Getting the wrong gift
13. Not getting the gift you wanted
14. Traveling between houses
15. Finding a parking
16. Screaming kids at malls
17. Guessing sizes
18. Lugging bags of stuff to the car
19. Wrapping presents if you are in a hurry
20. Being too busy with events to shop
21. Drunk relatives and people
22. Putting on weight
23. Nothing worth watching on TV
24. Broken Christmas tree lights
25. Pretending you like Christmas

Is there something about Christmas you don’t like – what is it?

Be sure to post your comments on my Facebook page.

How are you decorating your tree and home this year?

Check out Christmas In A Box – the ultimate toolbox for planning Christmas.


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Love to party but hate a hangover? Save your liver with these practical party tips on how to party on, have fun, go crazy but still avoid getting a hangover in the morning by avoiding drinking as much alcohol as you normally would.

How to party hard without getting a hangover. Feel better in the morning!

Avoid salty foods

They make you thirsty. You will drink more.

Watch the clock

Try to drink just one drink per hour. Pace yourself.

Start with a non-alcoholic drink

Let others get ahead of you. Start of slow. Watch the clock and then after about 7.30pm-8.00pm after a little food you can go a little crazy. This way you will drink for less hours.

Organise something to do tomorrow around 9am-10am

If this is in your mind you will probably get yourself to bed a little earlier.

Drink from a can or a bottle

That way you host can’t come and top up your glass with more alcohol. Also if you are trying not to drink at all you can top that beer can up with water!

Keep a bottle of mineral water

If it is in front of you when you are drunk you are likely to take a sip.
Have the odd non-alcoholic drink like a lemon lime bitters between drinks. Have two drinks and then a non-alcoholic drink and so forth.

Keep busy

Hosts always need help. Get in the kitchen. Help the host prep dinner and clean up. This way you will have to put your glass down!

Go into the party with a plan

Write down a plan and what time you will leave the party. E.g I am going to leave the party at 1am. Try it anyway!

Take a selfie

Next time you party hard and wake up with a bad hangover take a photo of yourself and then the next time you go to a party take the picture with you on the phone. It will be a great reminder of why you don’t want to go as hard this time!
Savings Room

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