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Speed cleaning | How to clean a boy's bedroom in five minutes

by Penina

You wouldn’t go into battle without ammunition,  so you would want to enter the war zone that is a boys bedroom with the speed cleaning tools to deal with the mess. Yes. You will need to prepare yourself, understand how to get it done with minimal effort and then stay with it, yes, for an entire five minutes and persevere. Like that is hard!
No matter what challenge meets you behind that boys bedroom door, you can get in and out in five minutes and be sitting with your feet up on the couch before you can say, job done!
It is not that difficult to clean a boy’s room in five minutes. You just need to break the task down into a few steps. Five simple steps in fact!
Here’s how to succeed in your goal of cleaning a boys bedroom in five minutes

Clean a boy’s bedroom in five minutes

Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Set up good systems

Make sure you have good systems in the room to start with including:
A simple set of drawers for the following:

  • Socks
  • Undies
  • T-Shirts
  • Pants
  • Pyjamas
  • School Shirts
  • School Pants

A wardrobe for:

  • Clothes on hangers
  • Shoes


  • Shelving for toys on display
  • Shelves for toy boxes
  • A clotheshorse for hanging laundry
  • A laundry basket

These items are crucial to your boys bedroom system because if you don’t supply your lovely son with the resources to keep the room clean he will always be messy and this will do your head in daily.
It is essential that you pay close attention to setting up the room properly because behind every good system is a great dose of daily sanity!
Yes! High five little Harry for that one!

Step 2: Have your tools ready

Before starting take the following into the room:

  • Rubbish bin
  • ‘Things that don’t belong’ bucket
  • Surface cleaner, sponge and a duster

Use a timer on your phone to time yourself while you clean your boys bedroom and all rooms in the house. The main reason for this is, if you don’t time yourself you will take longer to complete the task.
Every minute extra is a minute you can enjoy time reading a magazine or learning more about how to save time cleaning!
Press ‘start’ on the timer and go for it.

Step 3: Create piles

Fold clothes into piles before placing them into drawers. Do this to avoid opening and closing drawers unnecessarily, which is very time-consuming.
Another reason for creating piles is to make the process of organising clothes faster. You can also take clothes off the clotheshorse and place them directly on to these working piles.
Focus on clothes first. Pick up clothes off the floor and place them into the laundry basket.
Secondly, place clean clothes on to piles. Once all the clothes are in piles place them in the drawers in one action.

Step 4: Focus on toys

Now focus on toys and items that don’t belong.

  • Place toys in their boxes and on display shelves.
  • Next make sure everything is off the floor and in its spot.
  • Place anything that doesn’t belong in these one of these buckets or bins:
  • ‘Things that don’t belong bucket’ (Note: Remove items in the bucket designated to your son’s room first).

Step 5: Final touches

  • Make the bed and fluff up pillows
  • Open windows to air the room out
  • Wipe down and dust surfaces
  • Place a nice soft toy on the bed to feel warm and fuzzy about the experience.

If you have followed these steps with the attention of an army sergeant, you can expect to look down at your time and maybe even have a few seconds left!
Enjoy your secret new cleaning secret!

Speed cleaning – HOT tip!

If you want to feel really smart and chuffed you can teach this exact process to older children and remove yourself from the equation altogether. Children love games when timed! Plus, when they leave home they will be amazing housecleaning machines and you will sleep at night better with the warm and fuzzy knowledge they are highly functioning adults!
If there was a star chart for mums you would get five stars for learning this trick and executing it to the second!
If you didn’t quite make it in the five minutes it doesn’t matter. This isn’t a competition. This is about getting better and better and freeing up more time.
You will get it next time I promise! Practice makes perfect after all.

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