Speed cleaning tips: How to clean a nursery or toddler’s room in five minutes

If you are busy parent, you may wish to learn speed cleaning tactics for cleaning a nursery so you can enjoy more quality time with baby. If so, this article is for you! Speed cleaning a nursery is simple but because you are a busy parent you may not always get to do this job thoroughly. With this in mind you can achieve this job using a good system and some quick tricks. Here  are some easy tactics that I have discovered to be useful.

How to clean a nursery or toddler’s room in five minutes

Step 1: Pick up all items

Pick up all clothes. Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Fold and place clean clothes into piles according to type. E.g. shirts on one pile, pants or skirts on another pile etc.

To get this job done you will need a space such as a counter on which to place the items into piles. If you don’t have a space consider using the ironing board.

Step 2: Organise shoes

Pick up shoes and place them neatly on a shelf. This gets rid of a lot of the cleaning task because toddlers throw shoes everywhere. Make sure you have a great shelf space to place shoes neatly in order and so you can access them quickly when on the run.

Step 3: Toys

Ensure you have a great system in the room for toys. For example, a large girl’s dolls house can double as a place for toys and books and it looks pretty.

Good storage systems reduce the possibility of a room getting messy and as your baby grows into a toddler they will have a permanent space where they can access their toys easily

Step 4: Tools

Take the following into the room at the outset:

  1. A rubbish bin
  2. A ‘Things that don’t belong here’ bucket
  3. Cleaning solution, sponge and a duster

Empty out nappy bins into your main rubbish bin and place other items that don’t belong in the room into this bucket.

Next make sure you open windows to air the room out. Nappy bins smell. If necessary take the bin with you when you leave the room and air it out outside.

Speed cleaning – Hot tips

  • Like all rooms in the house the key goal when cleaning a room quickly is to never leave the room. Open windows to make sure the room remains smelling nice and that baby need not put up with that yukky nappy stench.
  • Always time your room cleans. This makes you work faster and you will only get faster at the task. Generally you will be motivated to finish the task within the five minutes.

Step 5: Finishing touches

  • Change bedding if necessary and place a nice soft toy in the cot for that warm fuzzy parent feeling. Note: Make sure you always remove soft toys from cots before putting babies to bed.
  • Wipe down surfaces with a nice cleaner, fluff up cushions and place soft toys neatly on shelves.

The five minutes is not guaranteed and this timeframe depends how dirty the room is. Consider the five minutes a loose goal to work towards.

More you time! More time on the couch!

Happy mum or dad. Happy baby!

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