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Save money on gifts – Five totally free gift ideas

by Penina

FREE gift ideas your recipient will love you for

I’ve always believed the best gift ideas are the ones involving thought and time. Recently a friend of ours (one of my hubby’s best mates) was celebrating a birthday. At a party my hubby got me to snap a cheesy photo of them together.
He then enlarged the photo at Officeworks and spray painted a large frame in gold. He spent a Saturday afternoon setting the picture in the frame, adding a cool quote under the picture, wrapping it up and delivering it. My son, who is seven, watched the whole show and helped deliver the present.
The total cost of the gift was roughly $20, which included the cost of printing at Officeworks and the frame, which was $1 from our local tip store.
The result was the warm and fuzzy feeling received from the simple act of giving. My hubby’s best mate was overwhelmed with the thought and time that went into the gift. Finally, our seven-year-old learned two great lessons in creativity and the joy of giving.
The whole day was a win-win.
Though we did spend money on the gift you can make this gift for FREE using a frame you already have at home and printing off the picture on your printer.
Here are five more FREE gift ideas that will get your creative juices flowing and that require a little thought and time.

Wisdom CD or MP3

Why not share your wisdom? Use a mobile app or a free program like Audacity to create a personal podcast of your wisdom. This is a great gift your recipient can keep forever and you will pass on valued knowledge that could change their life!

Less Treasured Items

Take a look around the house for items you simply haven’t used. For example, an unused scented candle, perfume samples or a body lotion you haven’t opened. Create a thoughtful hamper and include a nice letter, note or thoughtful quote. Wrap it up in some recycled gift paper and deliver.

Funky Cushion

We all have clothes we know longer want or need. Spend an evening in front of the TV and sew a personalised cushion for your loved one using an old article of clothing. Sew your recipient’s initials into the cushion. This is a great gift for a child. Fabrics such a cord or denim work really well. Sewing is also very relaxing! If you like Yoga, you will enjoy creating this present!

Record TV Shows

Spend some time recording your loved one’s favourite TV shows. Then deliver a burned compilation of your recordings on a CD. Cut out a picture from a magazine to create a cover for the CD case.

Garden Plants

You don’t have to go out and buy flowers when you have them in the garden! Get creative with the beauty available in nature. Use recycled gift paper for wrapping and present your creation with a loving smile. The best gifts I receive are the little daisies my son brings in from the garden and places kindly on my desk. No money required. Just love! His daisies bring tears to my eyes every time!

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