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Kids and your kitchen

by Penina

Quick Kitchen Tips

Zone out to a podcast or listen to talkback radio. 

Make best use of your combo square cook-up. When there is a combo meal with a salad, you can give your child the sausage or the chicken of the square meal and give a portion of the combo meal as a side. That way you still get to enjoy a healthy salad while your child enjoys, say, noodles! 

After cooking the combo meal freeze the amount you think you will not eat at that point. (See Safe Food the Cold Storage Chart in our seasonal app cooking guides for freezer options.) Make sure you allow the meal to cool to room temperature first, and then put the rest of the combo meal in the fridge for tomorrow night. That way, it’s more like snap freezing the meal while it’s fresh and the leftovers won’t sit in the fridge for a day.

There’s also much waiting around in a kitchen. So do jobs while you’re waiting. Multitask! 

Cooking a second meal will fill the time but you can make a phone call or teach your child something about the kitchen. 

Zone out to a podcast or listen to talkback radio. 

Keep a book handy or read the instant inspiration topics in Soul Tucker to give yourself a lift.

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