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Save money on alcohol | Become a BYO freak

by Penina

Life is short, so definitely treat yourself occasionally. In fact, that is the weird thing about the Savings Room. You will save so much money hanging out here in the room that you will have heaps of spare cash to throw around. So don’t get all rigid and anal and boring about life now that you have made an effort to learn more about saving. Stay relaxed and in tune with the fun Savings Room ‘you-can-have-it-all’ mantra and live a more exciting day!
So the thing with drinking outside of your humble backyard entertainment compound, you just have to know the tricks for staying in budget once you’ve left the house.

  1. Pick a restaurant that is within walking distance to where you are staying. Otherwise, you will spend too much on taxis too and fro and that will defeat any save money ambitions you started with.
  2. Always choose BYO restaurants. Use your mobile to search all BYO restaurants in the area. This list will become your shortlist of possible venues.
  3. Purchase your alcohol ahead of time at places like Dan Murphy’s. This way you won’t nick into an expensive, boutique bottle-o next to the restaurant that might be capitalizing on the fact that its neighbour is a BYO restaurant.
  4. If you can, have someone pick you up. There are a lot of savvy non-drinkers out there who really are quite happy to cart drunk people around. They really do seem to enjoy, even relish in the experience.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to tip the waiter. He or she had to put up with you too!

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