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Save money on beauty and personal care | Pimp yourself and feel amazing

by Penina

If you learn how to pamper yourself on the cheap you can simply do more of it! Now there’s a win-win if I ever heard of one! These tips and tricks will have you sitting on the couch painting your toes or organising a girls’ night out quick smart. Be kind to yourself daily while you save money! Whether you want to make your lips look bigger or you want to accentuate your best parts, you will find valuable tips here.


Castor oil trick

For extra length apply Caster oil to your lashes.

Another user for eye drops

Dab eye drops on blemishes and spots.

Cheap eye cream

Invest in some Jojoba Oil. It has many great uses including a cheap anti-ageing eye cream.

Reduce wrinkles

Olive oil is a cheap and effective anti-ageing eye cream.

Go olive oil

You can use a small amount of olive oil on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup.

Anti-ageing cream

100% cold pressed Rosehip Oil is an effective anti-ageing eye cream. Apply twice a day.

Cure for puffy eyes

Save tea bags, freeze them and then place them on closed eyes to reduce puffiness.

Luscious lashes

Apply to eyelashes for length and thickness.

Easy eye makeup remover

Use Vaseline as eye makeup remover.

Cheap facials

Visit a beauty schools for a cheap eyebrow wax and facials.

How to get a cheap lash tint

Check out pamper packages at beauty schools, which often include lash tints.

Eyes are beautiful. Reveal them.

Do not hide your beautiful eyes under too much makeup. You will be hiding the window to your soul.

Base colour will reduce creases

Keep your eye shadow from creasing by applying an eye shadow base colour.

Follow what is natural

Follow the natural shape of your eyebrows with eyeliner, otherwise people will not notice your eyes as much.

Nice way to wake up

Use eye drops to reduce redness in the eyes. This is also very refreshing and an instant way to wake up.

Remove eye makeup with a product

Always use an eye makeup remover for thin skin around the eyes. Be gentle when removing makeup so you do not encourage more wrinkles.

Save on eyeliners with water

Do not buy eyeliners. Use a small angled brush, eye shadow and mix with water for eye shadow.

Free eye shadow primer

Use foundation, liquid concealer, face powder, baby powder or a light eye shadow as an eye shadow primer.

Smoother eye shadow trick

Wet the applicator when applying eye shadow. This will make it go on more smoothly.

Olive oil around the eyes

Use extra virgin olive oil to give your eyes a soft look.

Shape your own eyebrows and save

Get a makeup book out of the library and learn to shape your own eyebrows. Saves stacks by doing it yourself.

Fix tired eyes with recycled chilled tea bags

Freeze old tea bags to instantly cure puffy and dark circles around the eyes.

Cheap eyebrow brush

An old kids toothbrush with a little gel on it is a cheap way to style those eyebrows.

Accentuating beauty for maximum benefit

If you accentuate your eyes keep your lips simple. If you accentuate your lips keep your eyes simple.

Super cheap eye makeup remover

Vegetable glycerine mixed with water makes a huge amount of eye makeup remover. Never use without mixing with water.

Vaseline on your lashes will make them thicker

Applying Vaseline to your eyelashes every night will make them longer and thicker.

Quick homemade eye gloss

To make a creamy eye gloss mix any colour eye shadow with lip balm and you will have an instant eye gloss.

Arched eyebrows for a thinner face

If you want your face to look thinner arch your eyebrows more when shaping them.

Remove eye makeup with moisturiser

Dip a cotton bud in moisturiser to remove eye makeup.

Using mascara for bigger eyes

If you want your eyes to look bigger apply a double coat of mascara on your upper lashes.

Blush as eye shadow

Use blush for eye shadow. It will last a long time on you.

Find a school

Use local beauty schools for cheap eye tinting and treatments.

Lush blush

Blush doubles fine as an eye shadow.

Removing eye makeup

Always use eye makeup remover or a common substitute to remove eye makeup. Otherwise you risk getting more wrinkles.

For a thinner face

Arch your eyebrows more when shaping them for a thinner face.

Do it yourself

Learn to do your own eyebrows and save stacks of money.

Perfect match

Make sure to match your eyebrows to your hair colour.

Use for an old toothbrush

You can make use of an old toothbrush as an eyebrow brush if you happen to be without one.

Shaping eyebrows

Shape your eyebrows thicker to look younger.

Follow your natural look

When shaping your eyebrows follow the natural line of your eyebrows or people will not look at your eyes.

Self preservation

Apply eye cream every night before bed for self-preservation.

Invest in saline

Reduce redness and tired eyes with eye drops or saline solution. Buy the bulk bottle. It is cheaper.

Curling your lashes

Warm your eyelash curler with a hairdryer first for better results.

Save time on your lashes

Dye your lashes and use clear mascara or Vaseline to highlight them.

Applying eyeliner trick

To apply eyeliner draw three short lines and connect them up.

If you want bigger eyes

Apply white eyeliner to lower eye line.

Reduce look of tired eyes

Run white pencil along your bottom eye line to make tired eyes look better.

Substitute eyeliner

Use eye shadow dipped in water and a small brush as substitute eyeliner.

Keep it simple

Keep lips simple with accentuated eyes and vice versa.

Wear less makeup

Reveal your inner beauty and wear less makeup. You will age slower too.

Creamy eye gloss

Combine eye shadow and lip balm for a creamy eye gloss.

Baby powder as primer

If you run out of eye shadow primer you can try baby powder as a base.

Double use for face powder

Face powder can be used as an eye shadow primer if you do not want to spend extra money.

Foundation trick

You can use foundation as an effective eye shadow primer.

Liquid concealer

Liquid concealer works great as an eye shadow primer.

Stop eye shadow creasing

Apply base colour to stop creasing.

Eyeliner brush trick

Dab wet eyeliner brush in eye shadow for a less dramatic eyeliner or eyebrow liner.

Smaller nose eye shadow trick

Apply darker eye shadow than the colour of your skin. Your nose will appear smaller.

Eye shadow colour

To make your eyes standout avoid putting any colour over your brow bone or make sure that the shade is light.

Eye shadow trick for bigger eyes

If you have eyes that seem too far apart simply put more eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes.

For bigger eyes

If you have eyes that seem too close together simply put more eye shadow on the outer edges of your eyes.

Double use for moisturiser

If you are stuck without eye cream you can simply apply a little extra face moisturiser to your eye area.

Put bottom fake lashes up top

Put the bottom lashes from the pack on your top lashes. You will still look fantastic but more naturally fake.

Green tea not just for drinking

Next time make a Green Tea. Chill some extra in the fridge and apply to puffy eyes with cotton pads.

Kiwifruit trick

Apply slices of kiwifruit to tired eyes to cure dark rings and puffiness.

Mascara safety

Discard mascara after three months. It can hold bacteria after this period of time.

Bigger eyes trick

If you want to make your eyes look bigger put a double coat of mascara on your upper lashes.

If you are prone to tears

If you are going to an important event where you think you might cry remember to wear waterproof mascara.


Running mascara under hot water will bring your mascara back to life.

Reusable makeup pads

Try investing in microfibre cloths as an alternative to buying cotton pads.

Remove eye makeup

Moisturiser on a cotton ball makes an effective eye makeup remover.

Cheaper than buying Photoshop

When having your photo taken be sure to blend makeup well around the eyes. Avoid applying powder. This shows up wrinkles more.

Raw food for good health

A raw food diet will make your eyes sparkle from the inside.

Raw potato relief

Slices of raw potato are also a great cure for puffy eyes.

Chill your spoons

The humble spoon chilled in the fridge or freezer gives great relief to tired and puffy eyes.

Eye shadow primer trick

Use foundation, liquid concealer, face powder or baby powder or a light eye shadow as primer.


Trick for a wide face

If you have a wide face apply blush to the tops of your cheeks by fanning upwards towards your ears.

Take fish oil to reduce pimples

Fish oil helps to regulate hormones and thus helps reduce pimples caused by hormonal problems.

Cheap moisturiser

Combine castor oil and olive oil for a moisturiser for the face.

Hand cream face mask

Use hand cream as a simple and effective face mask.

Honey for blemishes

Dab blemishes with honey. Band-Aid overnight and blemish will be smaller or gone completely.

Cetaphil for a cheap moisturiser

A big tub of Cetaphil is very cheap and works great for both face and body moisturiser. Dermatologists also recommend it.

Sorbolene for a cleanser

Sorbolene is dirt cheap and great as a cleanser. Add a little baking soda for a nice and light exfoliator.

Baby Amolin for lips and nose

Baby Amolin is great for chafed lips and sore red noses.

Go cheap with aqueous cream

Aqueous Cream is amazing as a cleanser, moisturiser, make-up remover and shaving cream.

Quality brushes

Kabuki brushes are very popular for powder application. A good brush will save you money on powder. Well worth the investment.

Long lasting foundation

Nude by Nature powder foundation is light and easy on the skin and the tub is long-lasting.

Cheap facials and treatments

Half day pamper packages at beauty schools can be dirt-cheap. Check them out and save big money over the course of a year. Get a cheap facial beauty treatment.

Free beauty session

Attend a free beauty session at a Chemist. Ask your local Chemist if they run them.

Lacura cream at Aldi

Lacura day and night cream from ALDI is just $8.99. Aldi have a great range of good quality and effective beauty products for affordable prices.

Make Hydrosol toner

Do not buy Hydrosol toner. Mix water with essential oils.

Chill your spritzer

Keep floral waters and toners in the fridge in summer. Spritzer.

Go perfume free

Use mild or perfume-free skin cleansers.

Cool moisturiser

Keep your moisturiser in the fridge for an extra soothing and calming experience.

Be less liberal

Powders and shimmers can show lines and wrinkles more. Do not be so liberal in applying these products.

Highlighter is highlighter

Use shimmer highlighter sparingly. After all it is a highlighter and not a whole face solution.

Reduce blemishes

Use OTC cortisone cream on blemishes.

Save on facials

Skip the facial. Buy facial peel pads from a Dermatologist, which is cheaper.

Cheap and effective toner

Mix a little with warm water with apple cider vinegar and use on your face as a toner. Or add to a bowl of hot water and use the steam to help oily or blemished skin.

Wearing less makeup

Keep daily makeup simple and light. Keep heavier makeup for special occasions.

Testing foundation

Test a foundation shade is by applying it right under your jaw line.

Rosewater as toner

Rosewater makes a great toner. It smells nice too and has a therapeutic affect. Put in a spray bottle and chill for summer. Very refreshing.

Quick time-saving makeup routine

Cleanse, tone, moisturise (with SPF), add face powder and then lip balm. Great. You are ready.

Cool face

Do not use hot water on your face. Use cool or tepid water.

Big brushes are best

Invest in a big makeup brush with natural or soft synthetic bristles. Nothing gets the job done like a big brush.

A trick with blush

Apply a little loose powder over your blush for a softer look.

Peroxide and pimples

You can reduce redness from pimples with products containing Benzoyl Peroxide or Cortisone.

Sleep on your back

This tip seems so obvious. Sleep on your back and avoid wrinkles. Sleeping on your stomach scrunches up your face for the night with your face on the pillow.

Use natural light

When applying makeup use natural light if possible. For example, set up near a window. If there is no natural light available, use a very bright lamp, like a Halogen lamp.

Instant facelift

Add colour to your cheeks for an instant facelift.

Brighten your face with lemon

Squirt lemon juice into your face scrub to brighten and exfoliate your skin.

Save some cucumber from your salad

To keep eyes cool dip cotton pads in cucumber juice or put rings of cucumber straight on your closed eyelids.

Rosewater eyes are heaven

To keep eyes cool dip cotton pads in rosewater.

Respect your eyes

Be gentle with your eyes. Try not to rub or stretch them when washing or applying products. You will encourage wrinkles.

Dark skin brow bone trick

Use peach or vanilla shades on your brow bone if you have darker skin.

Light skin brow bone trick

If you have light skin use a white shade as a highlighter on your brow bone.

Almond moisturiser

Mix Sorbolene and almond oil together for a lovely moisturiser.

Clear acne with Witch Hazel

Add Witch Hazel to moisturiser to help clear acne.

Vinegar face wash

This seems harsh but vinegar applied to your face is a great way to clear your blemishes. Make sure you do a test spot first on somewhere other than your face or on a small spot under your chin.

Makeup remover substitute

Instead of using makeup remover try Jojoba oil on a cotton pad.

Microfibre remover

Microfibre clothes are great for removing makeup.

Microfibre as a flannel

Microfibre cloths are great for washing your face.

Make tinted SPF moisturiser

Mix foundation with moisturiser or sunscreen to make tint it.

Make foundation go further

Mix foundation with a little moisturiser to make it go further.

Cheap makeover

Book makeovers at cosmetic counters when you are ready to buy a product. For example, when you are going to buy a foundation. Then you will not feel so guilty about the free makeover.

Free makeover

Book makeovers at cosmetic counters for Fri or Sat before closing. You will be ready for a night out and enjoy being pampered at the same time.

Effective night cream on a budget

Mix olive oil, vinegar and water in equal parts for an effective night cream.

Cheap natural glow powder

Buy a cheap powder compact and simply mix it with baby powder. You will have a natural glow for a fraction of the price.

Make moisturiser last longer

Moisturise as soon as you get out of the shower while your skin is still damp. Your moisturiser will go further and sink into your skin better.

Super cheap cleanser

Use Wonder Soap as cleanser.

Cheap SPF moisturiser

Mix a bulk moisturiser with a bulk sunscreen for a cheap and long lasting bottle of SPF moisturiser.

Natural facial scrub for cheap

Mix sea salt, avocado oil, almond oil and lime essential oil for a delicious scrub.

Lipstick leftovers as blush

Dig out the leftovers of your old lipsticks and use as a blush. Since you will not need much these leftovers will last a while.

Barber shop razor saves money

Buy an old fashioned razor at the barbershop and then simply replace the blades. This works out very cheap.

Rosehip oil for problem skin

Try 100% pure cold pressed Rosehip oil for problem skin. Apply twice a day.

Baby powder blush

Mix blush with baby powder for a new colour.

Substitute for Bio Oil

Instead of buying expensive Bio Oil use cold pressed olive oil and essential oils as moisturiser

Flannels are cheap

Ditch buying wipes altogether and use a soft flannel or reusable chux wipes.

Reuse old Vitamin E tablets

Squirt out the contents of your old Vitamin E tablets into your moisturiser.

Go disposable

Do a comparison of your razor kit. It often works out cheaper to buy disposables.

Make moisturiser go further

Mix a little water with your moisturiser or put on your face while your face is wet. This will make it go further.

Lighten dark foundation

To lighten dark foundation buy a cheap ivory foundation and mix them together.

Longer lasting foundation

Mix Vitamin E with foundation and triple the amount of foundation you have. You will also have a very moisturising foundation on hand.

Milk powder mask

For a good facemask make a stiff paste with milk powder and water. Apply several times a week for a gorgeous and soft face.

Bronzer as eye shadow or blush

Bronzer makes an effective eye shadow and blush. Add old eye shadow colours to an old bronzer to create new colours.

Store it upside down

Store foundation bottles upside down when they are nearing empty. Avoid waste.

Fingers as sponges

Applying foundation with your fingers rather than with a sponge will reduce how much you use saving big dollars over time.

Make wipes last longer

Cut makeup wipes or baby wipes into four to make them last longer.

Coloured zinc recipe

Do not pay big prices for coloured zinc. Simply add food colouring to white zinc.

Olive oil remover

Use olive oil to remove makeup. This is a cheap alternative.

Reject shop for makeup

The make-up section at the reject shop offer great buys for cheap makeup.

Silky pillow case

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase stop creases on your face, your skin will be less dry and your hair will be healthier.

Brush away more costs

Invest in good makeup brushes. You will save on buying product in the long run.

Trick for high cheekbones

Apply pink glitter blush to the top of your cheekbones and a darker blush under your cheekbones to make them standout and to make your face look thinner.

Peppermint face mist

Make peppermint tea and put it in spray bottle. This makes a gorgeous and refreshing face mist. Chill in the fridge for summer refreshment.

How to choose concealer

When using concealer use the type, which balances out the colour of your blemish. For example, use a green concealer on a pink blemish.

Pat, do not rub

Pat dry your face. Do not rub it with a towel. Then apply moisturiser immediately.

Flawless finish

Apply primer or base before applying makeup for a flawless finish.

Replace sponges and save your face

Replace sponges regularly or wash them regularly to keep good hygiene when applying makeup.

Wash your brushes

Wash your brushes. Otherwise you are just rubbing yucky old makeup back all over your face.

Save on concealer with self tanner

If you do not have any concealer on hand you can use face self tanner. Try to avoid applying to close to your eyes.

Baby wipes as makeup removers

If is cheaper to use bulk buy baby wipes as makeup removers. These are basically the same product.

Honey as a face mask

Honey makes a great and simple face mask.

Foundation as primer

Save on primer by using foundation on your eyelids instead.

Concealer as foundation

Use concealer lightly on your face. It will stay on much longer than foundation.

Say no to sugar

This one is a no-brainer. Skip the sweets and the pimples will be on their way. Try to eat less processed sugar at the very least. Try Stevia as a natural sugar substitute.

Save on cotton buds

Cut cotton buds in half to make them last longer. All these little beauty costs add up to much money over the course of one year.

Vegemite treatment

Dab some vegemite on a pimple and leave on for a little while. This will help to get rid of the pimple.

Aloe Vera all the way

Grow Aloe Vera and use the gel for a great face lotion and anti-ageing eye cream.

Olive oil for radiance

Put a few drops of olive oil on your finger and put it on your cheekbones and on your brow bone.

Coconut radiance

Put a few drops of coconut oil your finger and put it on your cheekbones and on your brow bone.

Jojoba radiance

Put a few drops of Jojoba oil on your finger and put it on your cheekbones and on your brow bone to give yourself an instant shine.

Champagne toner

Dab Champagne on your skin as toner. This is great as an anti-ageing serum and for skin tone. Not to mention this is a totally drinkable pamper experience.

Tea tree oil on pimples

Dab Tea Tree Oil onto pimples using a cotton bud. Then at night put Vitamin E on your spots before bed.

Lighten your spots

Simply apply natural yogurt to your face to lighten and bright your face. This will also lighten pigmentation problems.

Milky face

Simply wash your face in milk and leave for a while to help lighten and brighten your face.


Hotel samples

You paid for the hotel so all those little shampoo bottles are yours for the taking. Take them, all of them! They make are great for throwing in your overnight or travel bag.

Magazine win-win

If you are going to buy a magazine buy one with a free giveaway. Score yourself a free beach bag or a great mascara. A win-win!


Find a Hairdressing College

If you need a cheap haircut investigate hairdressing or beauty schools in your area or town that offer cheap ones. Tell your networks what you find.

Skip Botox and grow a fringe

Skip Botox and hide forehead lines by growing a fringe.

Tame the frizz

Use Cocoa Butter to tame frizzy hair.

Night out trick

If you are going to wear your hair up, do so the day after washing. This makes your hair less slippery.

Trick for after the beach

Use leave-in conditioner in your hair after the beach and comb to avoid tangles.

Save on hairdressers

Trim off those dead ends yourself. You do not need an expensive trip to the hairdresser for this.

Be patient with conditioner

Leave conditioner in hair for 10 minutes for max effect.

Nice oil treatment

Add rosemary essential oil to your hair oil.

A trick for reducing the greys

Eat one teaspoon of curry leaf chutney daily to prevent grey hair.

Mist your hair to refresh it

Apply a fragrant mist to hair to refresh it if you do not wash it daily.

Be as natural as you can be

Let your hair dry naturally if possible. It will lessen split ends and reduce your hair drying out.

Use a comb for maximum effect

Comb conditioner through your hair.

Spend less by growing patience

Do not brush wet hair. It is bad for your hair.

How to shampoo for maximum effect

Shampoo from the nape of your neck and up.

Wash it less often

Shampoo and condition your hair less to preserve the natural oils.

Scrunch and pat hair

Lightly scrunch and pat your hair instead of rubbing it when drying with a towel.

Make the most of your shampoo

Rubbing the scalp firmly with fingers is enough to loosen dirt before shampooing.

Dry hair first

Dry off hair before applying product or you will dilute the product.

Sit up straight for a better cut

Sit up straight when getting your hair cut for a perfect cut.

Sleep in silk

Sleep on a silk scarf to stop tangles in the morning.

Cheap hot oil treatment

Canola oil is a cheap hot oil treatment. Apply on the weekend when you have time as a nice pamper treatment.

Save your hair with this trick

Leave a little conditioner in your hair if you have dry hair.

Use the right brush and save on haircuts

Use a natural bristle brush to reduce split ends and save on haircuts.

Stretch out your haircuts

Stretch out your haircuts. Condition more to prolong the ends drying out.

A cure for dandruff

Rinse hair with Apple Cider Vinegar after shampooing to help lessen a dandruff problem.

Raw food diet will remove greys

Believe it or not all those good veggies in a raw food diet can take away those stray grey hairs.

Make a life change for healthier hair

Following a raw food diet will make your hair shine.

A cheaper way to wax

Make your own wax and wax strips. Find out how to do this on YouTUBE or Google it.

Stop frizzy hair with Jojoba

If you want to take the frizz out of your hair lightly rub Jojoba through your hair.

Cheap hair treatment mask

Put Jojoba oil in your hair overnight and wash out in the morning for gorgeous silky hair.

Organic coconut oil for hair conditioner

Rub organic coconut oil on your scalp. Leave overnight and then wash out for gorgeous hair.

Sweet Almond Oil for frizz

For frizzy hair apply Sweet Almond Oil.

Olive oil all day hair treatment

Rub olive oil through your scalp and hair when you are home for the day. Then wash off at night.

Shower cap for volume

For more volume put your hair in a shower cap until it dries.

Baby powder will revitalise oily hair

If you are not planning on washing your hair in the next few days baby powder is a great way to revitalise oily hair.

Hairbrush perfume

Spray your hairbrush with perfume. That way every time you put your hands through your hair someone near you will enjoy a lovely waft of your gorgeous scent.

Fabric softener strips to quickly reduce frizz

Fabric softener strips rubbed on hair will reduce frizz. Try baby wipes too. Keep a small packet in your handbag for taming frizz on the run.

Baking soda for dry shampoo

If you cannot wash your hair, and it is getting oily, rub a little baking soda through your hair to get rid of the oil.

No wash hair treatment

Put deep conditioner through the ends of your hair if you do not wash it that often.

Coconut oil and lime for straighter hair

For a cheap hair straightening serum apply coconut oil mixed with lime using a spray bottle.

Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil makes a great hair moisturiser and it smells delicious.

Yogurt and honey hair treatment

Take half natural yogurt and half honey for a natural hair treatment.

Cheap leave-in conditioner

For a leave in conditioner put half water and half conditioner in a spray bottle and spray away.

Free hair volume

If you need volume for your hair tip your head upside down while blow-drying.

Banana and honey hair balm

Mix together 1 banana and half a cup of honey for a moisturising hair balm.

Cold rinse for a better condition

Wash conditioner out with cold water. This locks in the moisture.

Hand cream as hair moisturiser

Hand cream doubles fine as a moisturiser for your hair.

Banana and egg as conditioner

Mash together a banana and an egg as a great conditioner.

Olive oil for hair

Olive oil works great as a hair conditioner. It will soften your hair and repair split ends.

Egg yolks for hair

Egg yolks make a great hair conditioner. Try one in your hair this weekend.

Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse

Apple Cider Vinegar costs about three dollars. Mix a few tablespoons with water and pour on your hair as a rinse. Condition to remove the vinegar smell.

Silk pillow case for a gorgeous face and hair

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase prevents creases on your face, your skin will be less dry and your hair will be healthier.

Platt your hair for a curly timesaver

Plat your hair when it is wet for quick waves when hair dries. There is no need to spend hours in the bathroom.

Wash your hairbrush

Wash makeup brushes with shampoo to make them last.

Hands, feet & nails

How to get a cheap manicure

Check out pamper packages at beauty schools. They may include manicures.

A cure for yellow nails

For yellow nails add lemon juice to a bowl of water and clean your nails in the bowl. Rinse off and apply lotion.

Top coat yourself

Seal your nail polish with a topcoat.

Strengthen your toenails

Biotin supplements strengthen toenails.

Preserve nail polish with thinner

To keep nail polish thin, you need a nail polish thinner.

A trick for stronger nails

Soaking fingers in lukewarm olive oil and lemon juice will make your nails stronger.

Mrs Marsh was right

Soak fingernails in dishwashing liquid. It will be easier to push back cuticles afterwards

Avoid tacky nail designs

Watch for tacky looking nail designs. Sometimes less is more and you will not get sick of the look of them after the first week.

Avoid bubbles in your nail polish

Roll the bottle backwards and forwards between the palms of your hands. Do not shake the bottle.

A trick at the nail clinic

Pay for your manicure in advance so you do not wreck your nails looking for your money in your purse.

Filing your nails requires skill

File each nail from the outside toward the centre and in one direction only.

White patches on nails

If you have white patches on your nails you are not getting enough calcium. Invest in calcium supplements or drink a glass of milk every day.

Cuticle trick

Try using lip balm on your cuticles.

Keep nail polish in the fridge

Keeping nail polish in the fridge, especially in summer, will keep them good for longer.

Olive oil for nails

Dip your nails in olive oil for 10 minutes. It will strengthen your nails and also make them shinier.

Save on nail polish with vinegar

To make your nail polish last longer dip your nails in vinegar first. The nail polish will stick to your nails better.

Buffed nails last longer

To make nail polish last longer buff your nails first.

Broken nail remedy

For a broken nail snip a tiny piece off a tea bag. Lay it over the nail and then apply clear nail polish.

A treat for your tired feet

Mix olive oil, Vitamin E and lemon juice together for an effective foot treatment.

A treat for your tired hands

Mix olive oil, Vitamin E and lemon juice together for an effective hand treatment.

Strawberry mask for soft hands

Mash strawberries and sugar together and rub into your hands. This is an effective and gorgeous exfoliator.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Exfoliate your hands once a week to keep them soft and gorgeous.

Make gloves a habit

Make a general habit of wearing rubber gloves when cleaning. This will preserve your hands and keep them looking young.

Wear gloves and save on hand treatments

Wear gloves when washing up. You will save money on buying excess cream to help dry hands.

Olive oil all day hand treatment

Rub olive oil over your hands when home for the day. Wear gloves all day and then wash off at night for a nice treatment.

Paraffin ointment for hands

Apply Paraffin Ointment to hands, put on gloves and wash dishes. Paraffin works great in the gloves while your hands are in hot water.

Time saving hand treatment

Squirt moisturiser on your hands before putting gloves on to wash the dishes. This is great multi-tasking and an excellent treatment for our hands while doing dishes.

100% Emu oil as hand cream

100% Emu Oil makes a great moisturiser and anti-wrinkle cream.

Fat for your feet

Try pure wool fat for cracked heels and nipples. Chemists offer cheap options.

Heel relief cream

Invest in a cheap heel relief cream for tired feet.

Cheap pedicure

Half day pamper packages at beauty schools may include pedicures. Be sure to check these out and save stacks on beauty.

Ingrown toenail treatment

Treat ingrown toenails immediately.

Avoid toenail fungus

Try not to push back toenail cuticles. This helps avoid foot fungus.

Foot moisturiser

Repurpose old face moisturiser for foot moisturiser.

Treat ingrown toenails

This is a good article on how to treat ingrown toenails. http://www.everydayhealth.com/foot-health/treating-ingrown-toenails.aspx

Purchasing shoes

Be smart when buying shoes. Avoid bunions and problems with your feet.

How to walk in heels

Set your heel down after your toes when wearing heals.

Take your heels off

Remove your heels whenever you can. For example, remove heels while sitting at your desk at work or during a long flight.

Check your feet regularly

Check your feet for problems if you wear heels a lot.

Cut toenails straight across

Shaping toenails can cause ingrown toenails. Cut them straight across.

Vicks Vaporub skin treatment

Rub Vicks Vaporub liberally over your feet and then wrap in plastic bags overnight or wait for a day you are home all day and wear the bags around the house. Do this twice a week for gorgeous soft feet.

Vinegar and yogurt for soft feet

Add malt vinegar to plain yogurt and rub over feet to soften them. Store in the fridge.

Cheap and easy foot massage

The cheapest foot therapy I have found is massaging my feet on the jets at the spa at my local recreation centre. This is very therapeutic and relaxing.

Happy feet

Put lotion on your feet and then wrap your feet in plastic bags. Leave them on all day at home for a great moisturising treatment on a Saturday.

Simple salt and water foot spa

Put half a cup of salt in a bucket of warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes.

Overnight foot treatment

Moisturise your feet and then put socks on. Sleep. After waking you will have gorgeous soft feet.


Nice lip scrub

Mix honey with sugar for a nice lip scrub.

Carry it with you

Constantly take lip balm with you and apply on the run. Your lips will always look gorgeous and this is a nice refresher.

Lip treatment before bed

Apply lip balm before bed.

Do things in the right order

Apply lip balm before applying lipstick.

A trick for fuller lips

For fuller lips add gloss to middle of your bottom lip and shimmer to the top lip.

Lip liner trick for fuller lips

Apply lip liner to your entire lip. This gives gloss something to stick to and it will last longer.

Tastes so good on the tips of your lips

Use Cocoa Butter on your lips as lip gloss and experience a delicious smell and taste.

Cinnamon as cheap collagen

Apply cinnamon oil on your lips instead of collagen-filled injections. Or simply mix a little cinnamon with water to add pout to your lips.

Love your Vaseline

Do not buy lip-gloss. Add flavours, like Vanilla Extract, to Vaseline.

Cheap honey lip gloss

Mix Vaseline with honey and melt in the microwave before setting for a cheap and delicious lip-gloss.

Poison free tip for your lips

Non-long lasting lipsticks do not contain arsenic so they are cheaper and also healthier for you.

Storage for your MYO lip gloss

Mix lipstick ends to create new shades. Store in an old lip-gloss pot.

Cheap lip gloss

Mix lipstick ends with Vaseline for cheap lip-gloss.

Olive oil as lip balm

Use extra virgin olive oil as a quick lip balm.

Use a lipstick brush and save

Use a brush to apply lipstick. It helps to limit how much you use.

Make your own citrus lip gloss

Mix Vaseline with lemon essential oil for a nice lip-gloss. Microwave to mix it and then leave it to set.

Make your own mint lip gloss

Mix petroleum jelly with mint essential oil for a nice lip-gloss.  Microwave to mix it and then set.

Vanilla lip gloss

Mix Vaseline, Aloe Vera gel, coconut oil and vanilla together for a great lip-gloss.

Beaut lipstick using leftovers

Mix together old lipsticks in the microwave for a quick new colour.

Organic coconut oil for cold sores

Dab a little organic coconut oil on a cold sore to help cure it.

Fuller lips for cheap

Put clear lip-gloss in the middle of your lip to make your lips look fuller.

The eyes and lips have it

Add eye shadow to chapstick to create a new lip colour.

Sheer lipstick trick

Add red lipstick to a clear gloss for a nice sheer lipstick.

A trick for fuller lips

Apply nude lip liner on the bottom of your lower lip and highlighter on the bow of your upper lip you will get fuller lips.

Brush your teeth and your lips

When brushing your teeth also brush your lips to get rid of the dead skin. Do a few times a week for less chapped lips. They will appear pinker too.

Blush and chapstick trick

Dip chapstick in your blush for a great pink colour.

Distract attention from your blemishes

Wear a warm pink glossy lip colour and people will look at your lips instead of your blemishes.

Tub for lip foundation

Keep a little foundation in an old lip gloss container for applying on your lips when you need it.

Foundation on lips

Apply a little foundation over your lips before applying lipstick or gloss and the colour will be more true to the lipstick or gloss colour.

Coconut oil for lip balm

Coconut oil makes a great lip balm.

Salt and olive oil lip scrub

Mix a little olive oil and salt together for a quick lip scrub. Put on a toothbrush and brush your lips to get rid of flaky skin.

Keep lipstick in the fridge

Keeping lipsticks in the fridge, especially in summer, will keep them good for longer.

Big lips, small eyes

If you accentuate your lips keep your eyes simple.

Big eyes, small lips

If you accentuate your eyes keep your lips simple.

Free blush

Lipstick doubles well as a blush if you have left home without it. Dip your finger in and simply smudge onto your skin.

Fuller lips for free

For fuller lips apply lip gloss downward in strips rather than across to make your lips look more 3D.

Get a great pout

Use a hydrating eye cream on your lips for a cheap and bigger pout.

Brush your lips

Put a little bit of Vaseline on an old toothbrush and then brush your lips. This will take off all the dead skin on your lips and exfoliate them.

Let the Avon lady in

Avon is still a great resource for cheap cosmetics. Investigate their prices.


Use up your smidgens

Use up every smidgen of your products before shopping again or simply go without if you can for a while. Simple rule of thumb is to shop at home before shopping out of your home.

Castor oil trick

For extra length apply Caster oil to your lashes.

Another user for eye drops

Dab eye drops on blemishes and spots.

Cheap eye cream

Invest in some Jojoba Oil. It has many great uses including a cheap anti-ageing eye cream.

Reduce wrinkles

Olive oil is a cheap and effective anti-ageing eye cream.

Go olive oil

You can use a small amount of olive oil on a cotton ball to remove eye makeup.

Anti-ageing cream

100% cold pressed Rosehip Oil is an effective anti-ageing eye cream. Apply twice a day.

Cure for puffy eyes

Save tea bags, freeze them and then place them on closed eyes to reduce puffiness.

Luscious lashes

Apply to eyelashes for length and thickness.

Easy eye makeup remover

Use Vaseline as eye makeup remover.


Nice packaging, FREE price

Do not get sucked into packaging hype. Keep nice packaging you already have and refill your own homemade cosmetics into the packaging.

Use up your leftovers

Scour old cupboards and drawers for cosmetics you never use. Use them all up before venturing out to buy more.

Use up your smidgens

Use up every smidgen of your products before shopping again or simply go without if you can for a while. Simple rule of thumb is to shop at home before shopping out of your home.

Wet cotton wipes

Spray water on your cotton wipes before using cleanser or toner. You do not want to waste your product.

Halve your tubes

Cut tubes in half when nearing the end to use all ingredients up.

Go lightly and save

Write the prices on your makeup items to remind you to use them lightly.

Find stuff for sale near you

Use mapping in the Savings Room and solicit goods from people near you who are throwing stuff out.

Buy up longer lasting types of products

Splurge on products that sit on your skin the longest. For example; splurge on moisturiser, lipstick and foundation. Buy less long lasting products on the cheap. Like eye shadow.

Buy concentrated

Quality products are often concentrated and can last much longer.

Get back in touch with your mates.

Word up friends and tell them that you would love their cosmetic throw-always. Spring is a great time to get in their ears when they do their big spring clean. Use this site to express your wishes to your networks and what you need.

Buy biggest

Buy the biggest size available for the product you want.

Think outside the square

Buy your favourite item by cutting costs on other items.

Get a product that multi-tasks

Buy one product for multi-uses. For example, a good Bronzer can do about nine jobs. This is a good investment.

Buy items that last

Invest wisely. Buy products that last and give value for money.

Do not be afraid to ask for a refund.

Always take the time to get a refund on a product you paid good money for and that does not meet your requirement.

Buy it in bulk

Always buy soap, shampoo and conditioner in bulk. That way you will not be running to the shops where you can be tempted to buy more and you will not run out.

Look out for promotions

Use promotions. Always look for cosmetic sets that offer free bags and freebie giveaways.

Cut coupons

Start cutting those coupons out of your junk mail and get saving.

Go the cosmetic counter

Get freebies from cosmetic counters.

Halve your shopping list

Grab your shopping list and then challenge yourself to halve it. Question whether you really need all those items.

Take a shopping list

You will save stacks of money if you shop with a list and you are strategic. Avoid wandering around aimlessly as you will waste a lot of money and buy impulsively.

Read the label

Try not to judge a product by its packaging. Read the label. Generics are often the same and sometimes better.

Become a solicitor of free samples

Solicit free samples online.

Register and save

Register at beauty sites. They will email you their cut price deals.

Stop for free samples

Take those free offers and samples offered to you at the local mall. Add them to your stockpile.

Save dollars on teen beauty

Keep a makeup wish list for your teenage daughters so you can snap up items on special.

Do not use a pencil sharpener

Invest in a good quality cosmetic pencil sharpener. Your pencils will last much longer if you do not snap them every time you sharpen them.

Cheap beauty products in Asia

Buy beauty cosmetics online from Asia. These are very cheap.

Buy it raw and make it

Buy raw supplies including organic products online to make your own.

Become a samples nut

Make a rule to always ask for free samples everywhere you go. Now stockpile them. These are also great for travelling.

Write a letter for free samples

Write to manufacturers for free samples.

The key is being organised

The key to saving on beauty products is to be super organised. Visit websites and compare prices using comparison site. Read your junk mail, read newspapers and also listen to adverts on TV and radio.

Look for opened products

If products in the store look like they have been opened always ask for a discount.

Cheap makeup bag idea

Instead of buying an expensive makeup case buy a girls pencil case. These are much cheaper and just as pretty.

Cheap makeup bag

Cheap cooler bags make great makeup bags because of their great compartments and pockets. These are cheaper and much more practical. Make them cute with stickers.

Record it for your next shop

Jot down names and colours of products for future purchases.

Buy makeup at two dollar shops

Buy makeup from two-dollar stores. Items like eye shadow are cheap. You can also mix these cheaper items with your more expensive quality items to cut down on price.

Buy items when they are on sale

Buy items when they are on sale but do not buy just for the sake of it.

Wholesale chemists

Buy basic ingredients for making your own products wholesale chemists

Cheap makeup at the Reject Shop

Reject shop sell super cheap makeup. Most items are just two dollars.

Skin, bath and body

Eight hours sleep for nice skin

Getting your beauty sleep is by no means an expression. We all know that we regenerate with sleep. It is true. Sleeping makes you more youthful and beautiful.

Price compare with barcodes

Do price comparisons online. There are many great barcode apps out now to assist you. Always factor in shipping charges and hidden costs.

Beauty schools for cheap massage

Investigate local beauty schools for cheap massages.

Bulk buy at your beauty salon

Bundle your visits to the beauty salon and ask for bulk buy discounts.

Sudocrem on spots and pimple

Try Sudocrem on spots and pimples as a cheap and effective remedy.

Lessen cellulite with this power cream

Rub Sorbolene, Vitamin E or Aloe Vera onto legs each day after a shower to reduce cellulite. Massage in well.

An extra job in the shower

When showering try rubbing the hardened skin of your soles and the calluses of your feet with a pumice stone.

Milk and ice water for a less red face

To help reduce redness, apply a washcloth dipped in half milk and half ice water to the red areas.

Help for patchy skin

Mix rosewater and glycerine and apply to patchy skin.

Perfume needs time

Give perfume time to develop by putting it on first before anything else.

Match your parts

If you use bronzer, make sure you also apply bronzer to your chest and your neck so it looks natural and you different bits match each other.

Think lukewarm rather than hot

Bathe in lukewarm water not hot water. Your skin will be softer and will not dry out as much.

Follow moisturiser with exfoliator

Always moisturise after exfoliating to avoid dry skin.

How often to use a Loofah

Use a loofah once or twice a week to get rid of rough skin areas on your body.

Brown sugar exfoliate

Exfoliate with brown sugar and honey mixed in a paste.

Clear up your skin from the inside

Drink a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar every day to clear up your skin.

Super cheap exfoliator

Mix baking soda with a little organic olive oil as a cheap exfoliator. Leave on for a few minutes for maximum effect.

Keep it in the fridge

Keeping perfume in the fridge helps to keep it longer.

No scent makes sense

Use unscented deodorant so it will not clash with your perfume.

Apple Cider Vinegar on sunburn

Dab apple cider vinegar on sunburn to soothe your skin after a da in the sun.

Razors are razors so buy cheap ones.

Razors are razors. Buy the cheapest ones and use conditioner to shave with.

Olive oil all day spa treatment

Rub olive oil over your entire body and stay home for the day. Wash off at night and you will have amazing skin.

Olive oil spray as moisturiser

Put olive oil in a spray bottle and spray all over yourself after a shower for a quick, effective and cheap moisturiser.

Olive oil for stretch marks

Use olive oil during pregnancy and after to avoid stretch marks. Apply after every shower.

Baby oil for stretch marks

Use baby oil during pregnancy and after to avoid stretch marks. Apply after every shower.

Coffee and chocolate body scrub

Mix together instant coffee, coconut oil and melted chocolate. Now you smell totally lick-able. Be sure to indulge in some of the chocolate.

Organic coconut oil for burns

Dab organic coconut oil on a burn to soothe and heal it.

Organic coconut oil for sunburn

You can apply organic coconut oil to sunburn for some quick relief.

Kids bubble bath as hand wash

Kids bubble bath makes a cheap hand wash. Decant into your favourite container. No one will know unless you buy Bubblegum flavour.

Sweet almond oil as moisturiser

For a light moisturiser try Sweet Almond Oil.

Lemon and honey scrub

Mix salt with vegetable oil, lemon and honey for a delicious scrub.

Rosehip oil for problem skin

Try 100% pure cold pressed Rosehip oil for problem skin. Apply twice a day for good results.

Rosehip oil for sunburn

Try 100% pure cold pressed Rosehip oil for sunburn. Apply twice a day for good results.

Rosehip oil for stretch marks

Try 100% pure cold pressed Rosehip oil for stretch marks. Apply twice a day for good results.

Rosehip oil for dry skin and eczema

Try 100% pure cold pressed Rosehip oil for dry skin and Eczema. Apply twice a day for good results.

Use your partner as your spray booth

Get your partner or a friend to spray tanning solution on you at home. Save money over summer!

Budget on your wedding self tan

All those wedding costs add up. Instead of getting a spray tan apply your own and save. Do a test run first though.

Roll it on instead

Use roll-on deodorant. It is generally cheaper, lasts longer and is compact for travelling.

Cheap tinted moisturiser

If you have some old or leftover tanning cream and a big tub of moisturiser, combine them and make cheap tinted moisturiser.

Organic coconut oil as massage oil

Great massage oil can be found in organic coconut oil. Apply liberally. The smell Is divine too. Reminds me of all great summers.

Baby oil as body lotion

Baby oil makes a lovely moisturiser after a shower because it is for babies and thus is gentle on the skin.

Sesame oil for stretch marks

Use sesame oil both throughout pregnancy and also after you have your baby to put those stretch marks at bay.

Lemon juice as a skin toner

Rub a little lemon juice into oily skin to tone and refresh your skin.

Cheap night cream

You can use Jojoba oil as a simple night cream.

Exfoliate skin with sugar to prevent pimples

Sugar physically and chemically exfoliates dead skin cells.

Chlorinated water affects your skin

If you get the opportunity bathe in filtered water. It is so much better for your skin than chlorinated water.

Lemon cures spots for lighter skin

If you have lighter skin, dab lemon on your pigmentation problems. It will brighten and lighten up your spots.

Olive oil for skin

Olive oil is anti-ageing, soothing and softening on the skin.

Copha vegetable sh A cure for dandruff A cure for dandruff A cure for dandruffortening for face

Rub a little Copha vegetable shortening on your skin if it is dry.

Apple Cider Vinegar for skin.

Drink a little Apple Cider Vinegar. It is great for the skin.

Apple Cider Vinegar as toner

Apply a little Apple Cider Vinegar to a cotton pad and use as an effective toner.

Baking soda pimple cream

Mix a little water with some baking soda for a quick pimple cream.

Cactus in the office

Invest in a cactus. It will help soak up toxins in the air and is good for your skin.

Tanaka Face Massage for a puffy face

Try a Tanaka Face massage. If you wake up with a puffy face or are retaining water. Check out YouTUBE for videos on this kind of massage.

Vanilla extract bath

Add 1/3-cup pure vanilla extract to a warm bath for a luscious pamper experience.

Dandelion tea for a puffy face

Dandelion tea will help you get rid of fluids.

Water as prevention for blackheads

Replace all beverages you drink with water. You will notice a remarkable difference in your skin. You will look younger and your skin will be less dry.

Cetaphil as soap

Use Cetaphil as soap. It is a moisturising cleanser. Add a little baking soda for a light exfoliator. Lovely.

Sorbolene as soap

Use Sorbolene like liquid soap. It will moisturise your skin as it cleans.

Walk in the fresh air does wonders for the skin

Take a nice walk often. There is nothing like fresh air on the skin to make it great.

Oily fish is so good for you

Oily fish has many amazing health benefits including big benefits for beautiful skin.

Make a habit out of this good juice

A good habit is to always have a glass of water before eating and drinking anything.

Add crunch to your diet

Following a raw food diet will clear your skin and make you more beautiful from the inside out. Your skin will look amazing.

Combination body moisturiser

Combine Jojoba oil and your favourite essential oil to make a lovely all over body moisturiser.

Combination massage oil

Combine Jojoba oil and your favourite essential oil to make cheap massage oil.

Lemons on elbows

For dry elbows cut a lemon in half and rub onto your elbow. Lemon will also lighten dark skin on your elbows.

Sesame oil for eczema

Apply cold-pressed sesame oil to your skin to help soothe it if you have Eczema or skin irritations.

Eucalyptus oil cream as moisturiser

Eucalyptus Oil Cream works well an effective moisturiser. It is also a cheap alternative.

Sandpaper as a loofah

Fine grade sandpaper makes a cheap and effective loofah.

Soap saver saves the day

Soap savers are little bags with holes in them that hold a bar of soap. They save your soap from going all-gooey and going to waste. These are a good investment. The kids can pick up the soap easily too, as the soap won’t slip out of their hands.

Lavender body shimmer

Mix olive oil with lavender oil and body shimmer after a shower for luscious looking skin.

A way to prevent shaving rash

Use conditioner for shaving rather than soap will help with avoiding shaving rash.

Nifty and cheap deodorant

Bi-carb soda applied with a powder puff works great as a deodorant.

Cheap bath salts

Add fragrant oil to Epsom salts. Add food colouring and rose petals for a gorgeous bath experience.

Bulk homemade hand and body lotion

Mix one litre of Sorbolene with a tub of Vitamin E cream, a small bottle of olive oil and also avocado oil for a great hand and body cream.

Cheap lovely body lotion

Simply mix Sorbolene with perfume for a cheap and lovely body lotion.

Cheap loofah

If you are without a loofah a coarse flannel will do the trick. Cut up coarse old towels for a cheap loofah.

Baby products for the skin

Try baby products, as they are sensitive on the skin.

Beat acne with Shea butter

Shea butter can be used to reduce acne.

Shea butter as sunblock

Shea butter can be used as a sunblock.

Cheap shaving cream

Conditioner makes a good shaving lotion for your legs.

Coffee beans for cellulite and a tan

Scrub your body with coffee beans to reduce cellulite and to also give yourself a slight tan.

Wake up steam for your shower

Drop some essential oils in the bottom of your shower. This is a wonderfully refreshing way to wake up all your senses.

Pain relief for waxing

Use baby Bonjela on the area you are waxing for an anaesthetic if you cannot bear the pain.

Coconut oil for skin

Coconut oil makes a great moisturiser for the skin and it smells gorgeous too. Enjoy this smell of summer! Yum.

Cheap perfume

For a cheap perfume add a few drops of essential oils to water.

Strawberry and coconut oil soak

Mash strawberries with coconut oil and pour in your bath for a gorgeous and luxurious spa experience.

Quick and cheap body scrub

Make a quick body scrub with an equal amount of olive oil and sugar.

Five pieces of fruits for good skin

Fruit is good for both your skin and hair. Get into the habit of eating at least five pieces of fruit a day.

Eat a cup of dark greens everyday

Try eating vegetables such as spinach, kale or broccoli and watch your skin tone improve.

Take vitamin C for skin

Vitamin C is effective for healing and smoothing skin. It also works as an anti-oxidant.

Storage Ideas

Fake luxury with this little refill trick

Refill cheap products into old nicer expensive makeup pump bottles.

Plastic milk bottle bottoms for storage

Cut the bottoms off milk bottle containers to create storage for tubes and cans in drawers and on benches.

Recycle toilet rolls to store pencils

Bind together a bunch of toilet roll holders in a box to store long pencils.

Plastic takeaway containers for storage

Plastic takeaway trays make great organisers for hair clips, ribbons, brushes and other cosmetic items.

Cutlery trays make great organisers

Cutlery trays make great cosmetic organisers.

Recycle hairspray lids for storage

Use hairspray lids to store lipsticks.

Make your own makeup brand

Make your own brand and labels for your MYO products. You never know you may start your own beauty empire.

Recycle all your pots, tins and containers

Recycle all those gorgeous bottles and tins to keep your homemade beauty products in. Or recycle bottles and containers from the kitchen and get creative with making them pretty.

Teeth & breath

Instant fresh breath

If want an instant cure for bad breath chewing gum or eating fresh mints is a quick solution.

Mouthwash is simple

Invest in a good mouthwash or find some natural remedies and recipes for mouthwash. Be sure to check out our FRESH BREATH AND NICE TEETH tip sheet in TURBO TIPS for nicer teeth.


Use whiteners for fresh looking teeth. There are many whitening products on the market these days.

When to clean your teeth

Clean your teeth after every meal to ensure nice breath and whiter teeth.

Strawberries for whitening teeth

Before eating a strawberry rub it across your teeth. Strawberries are a natural teeth whitener.

Skip cows milk for better breath

It is a good idea to avoid cows milk if you have bad breath. Try switching to Soymilk and seeing if your breath gets better.

Parsley for breath

Finish off a meal by chewing on a fresh piece of parsley.

Apples for breath

Apples will clean your teeth and give you nicer breath.

Drink with a straw for whiter teeth

Drink coffee through a straw for whiter teeth. Since this is not that much fun it may even entice you to give up coffee and take up drinking water.

Baking soda on teeth for whitening

Put baking soda on your toothpaste instead of buying expensive whitening toothpaste which includes baking soda as an ingredient.

Free whiter teeth

Wearing cool tones or red rosy lipsticks will make your teeth look whiter.

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