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Save money on cars | Thrill of the ride

by Penina

Save Money on Cars | Thrill of the rideIf you would like to save money on cars while buying a luxury car for a less expensive price, then this article is for you. Many people dream of handling a curve at a buck 20, screaming down the asphalt as one of the fast and the furious with their neon undercarriage lights causing the night road to light up beneath them. Unfortunately, we can’t all be famous, bald Hollywood actors with an impressive bank account. Many of us with a need for speed also have a need for a more frugal experience.

More horsepower, less money

There are many quick and powerful cars that can be found without leaving your bank account crying. Yes! You can save money on cars! Luckily, if you are reading this, you already have access to the Internet in some way. There is an abundance of sites on the web that can provide the average surfer with a ton of information regarding the performance, cost and features of various automobiles. Of course, cutting back on frills like nitro injectors and undercarriage neon can help cut back on the cost of your ride as well.
Way back in the ancient times of the 1980s, telling your buddies that you purchased an economy car was sure to get good-natured ribbing thrown your way. The economy cars of the 80s were affectionately known as the “econobox” and were the car equivalent of a frumpy petticoat compared to your friend’s French high-culture designer dress. Most often, the amused looks and head shaking this would generate were well-deserved. Economy cars of the 80s did not perform well, were not very stylish and their interiors were often plastered with sticky vinyl upholstery, which was quite uncomfortable especially in warmer temperatures. It wasn’t that easy to save money on cars back then.

Today’s vehicles help to save money on cars

Those with a more economic mindset today are much luckier than our 80s-era counterparts. Today, even inexpensive cars can be stylish, great to look at and, most importantly, fun to drive. Economy no longer means “cereal box with a rubber-band engine.”
Reviews for high-performance economically-minded hot hatches such as the Ford Focus ST and new Renault Megane can be easily found on car review sites, typically offering all of the information you would desire in order to determine whether these cars are for you.
With such an abundance of sites on the Internet that provide reviews of different cars and car models, it’s easy for the car enthusiast to find information regarding the spec and pricing for pretty much any car in circulation today. Almost all of these sites include pictures of the vehicles they are reviewing, letting you determine at a glance if the car fits your personal style and requirements. Many people today can walk onto a car lot and purchase their vehicle of choice immediately without the need to shop around; armed with the information, specifications and pictures of the exact vehicle they want. This makes it easy to save money on cars.

Speed. Style. Gas Mileage.

While we can’t all do the Tokyo drift, the advances in the stylish exteriors and the internal power of today’s more economic cars can sometimes give the bigger and more expensive player in the car game a run for their money. Drivers today can feel the power of an engine humming along, the wind in their hair and the roar of the asphalt highway beneath their wheels. There is something within most of us that calls out to us to experience the thrill of the ride in a head-turning car, and today that thrill is more achievable than ever before.

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