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Save on clothes | Quick tips for saving time, money and wardrobe space!

by Penina

Do you have this problem?  All your best shoes sitting not so pretty under all your worst shoes piled up in a cupboard. Your best jackets shoved in the back of the cupboard, and you’ve forgotten about them and you wear the same jacket most days because it is just easier that way? Well. Say goodbye to your money. Just picture ripping it up over a trash can. A disorganised wardrobe will simply result in you buying more clothes, instead of using all the great gear you’ve already got. So, if my logic prevails, you will save stacks by simply having a well organised wardrobe. No rushing to target at the last-minute for a party dress, because that’s right! You have that uber-cool pink number sitting nicely under your ‘party dress’ or ‘pink’ section!

Don’t go out and buy more clothes. Follow these simple tips and stay focused:

  • Use an old recycled suitcase to pack away summer clothes. This leaves lots of room for the storing of heavier winter items. Be sure to keep a few cool items for those few remaining hot days.
  • Two great ways to organise a wardrobe is either by colour or by the type of clothing article. For example, group your clothes into whites, blacks, browns, denim clothes, brightly coloured and patterned items.
  • Alternatively, group your clothes into pants, shirts, skirts and dressy tops. Grouping clothes into ‘work’ and ‘play’ also works well. Try different ways to group your wardrobe until you find the system that works best for your lifestyle!

If you take these simple steps you will be less likely to go out this weekend and spend up big on stilettos you kinda already own! Save money on clothes, be creative with what you’ve got and put more money in your pocket.

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