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12 free things to do this weekend

by Penina

When I consider my options in terms of free things to do this weekend, I just want to jump on a bicycle packed with tulips and ride around a paddock. Well, you get my drift. Free is fun! Free is frugal. Free is the most fun you can have and free doesn’t cost you a cent! A woman just loves free!

Question: Would you throw $200 into the wind?

Would you jump on a bicycle packed with cash and throw $200 worth of your hard earned cash out of the basket and into the wind? I am guessing the answer to this question is hell no! No way! Never! So why do many of us do this exact action every weekend? Here is a breakdown of how it can all add up during one what you might thing ‘harmless’ trip to the shops on a Saturday morning with the kids.

Getting to the shops

Petrol getting to the mall and back ($10.00). Parking at the mall ($2.50).

At the shops

I am feeling a little stressed because Master and Missy are fighting about who gets to ride in the trolley first. I need coffee. I need it extra strong ($4.50). Bikkie for each nagging child with smarties on top while waiting in line at the cafe ($5.00). The kids want a Wiggles kiddie ride. It is only $2.00 right? And they are good kids. I love them with all my heart and soul. Plus here’s my chance to enjoy a few minutes of that expensive coffee I just bought while they get some instant happiness. It is a win-win for all of us! Go the Wiggles!

Moving on

OK. I love the weekend paper. I must have it even though I probably won’t have time to read it. The weekend paper really makes me feel like I am having a weekend ($2.50).

Grocery shopping

Our home needs food. Conduct random and unplanned grocery shop with children in tow. I am throwing more items in the trolley than necessary because Missy is trying to pull an entire pallet of mineral water down on her head and it is hard to concentrate with Master asking me repeatedly for a bag of Jelly Babies. Well, that was hell! We made it to the checkout. I don’t know how. I buy a magazine to achieve instant sanity ($4.50). Total grocery spend ($170.00).

On the way home

The kids are starving. Stop at Maccas ($15.00).

What to do tonight?

Master wants movies. Good idea. We all need some recreation. Stop at the video shop ($20.00). I won’t mention fines. But we all know how that will go on return day. Alright alright. You can have the popcorn. Please stop nagging me now ($3.50).

Back home now

Ah the loving gates of home – where it is FREE to hang out. Hold on? What was that? Did I just say it is FREE (rent aside) to hang out at home? OK. Whether you are a busy working mum like me, a single dad, a student or a pensioner. You get might drift right? Leaving the house is expensive! The above trip (yes, that used was me before Table Tucker and the Savings Room!) cost me a whopping $239.50! Yes. Believe it. It was such an innocent trip. So very innocent…

Here are my top 12 tips for FREE things to do this weekend

  1. Designate ONE weekend each month and take a no-spend weekend challenge.
  2. Attempt a no-drive weekend where you walk or cycle everywhere.
  3. Only eat and drink what is already in the house. Even if you are entertaining. Don’t buy crackers, olives or dips if you have supplies in the house already.
  4. Read a book that is already on your bookshelf or read online. Avoid buying expensive magazines.
  5. Make a coffee before leaving the house and put it in a travel mug. Walk with it to your destination while you take in nature. This is more relaxing than a $2 Wiggles ride and you will trade stories with the kids that they will remember for a lifetime.
  6. Create something artistic using supplies that are already in the house. E.g. A centrepiece for the table from flowers in the garden.
  7. Read the news online at news.com.au
  8. Enjoy a coffee while relaxing in your living room or in the garden while the kids stay occupied playing with their toys.
  9. Find an item in the home you can re-gift. Wrap it up and choose it for an upcoming birthday recipient.
  10. Rearrange the furniture and take a holiday at home! Give yourself and your loved ones a new lease on life and for FREE.
  11. Make soup using leftover veggies from the fridge. Also prepare lunches for the week at the same time.
  12. Take an item of clothing you already own (e.g. a little black dress or a suit jacket) and create ten new ways to wear it. Post your creations the Savings Room via a video or image post!

I wish to leave you with this thought:

If you plan a no-spend weekend once a month for one year (based on the above example) you could potentially save $2,874.00. It really is amazing how it all adds up!

Would you like more free things to do this weekend?

Read more and access the following fast tips sheets. We have over 10,000+ savings tips delivered in cheat sheets!

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