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Ways to become rich | Feel rich, fake it and soak up the luxury life

by Penina

Champagne with Ornaments and RibbonLife is full of wonderful pleasures. For example, you could lie by a pool and pick fruit from a platter all day while you sip on a Martini. Sound nice? Or you could take a fully decked-out Chrysler for a drive along the ocean with the window open to let in the sea breeze. My favourite is to drink Champagne on a flight! Sure makes me feel like a rock star – even if I am flying economy and this is the perfect way to put those flight nerves at bay. My point is this: You don’t have to be rich to feel rich! And now this is even easier with my little list on how to fake being rich. If you are keen on visualisation you will enjoy slowing feeling and getting rich using this list. Give it a crack anyway and don’t forget to have fun! Life is short!

Faking Luxury

Pick from a fruit platter

Buy some inexpensive fruit and then pick from the platter. Enjoy a glass of wine with your fruit platter experience. Strawberry anyone?

Float on a Lilo

Lilo’s are very cheap to buy, but when you float on a Lilo in a pool or in the ocean it makes you feel very rich. Be sure to get a Lilo with a drink holder, so you can take your Pina Colada out there with you. Stay out on your Lilo for ages. Order people around who are on land. Pretend you are on a Greek Island. Even if people call you in, pretend you did not hear them. Do not go out too far, just go far enough to get some space!

Drink Champagne in economy

Drink Champagne in economy on a flight. The drink might only cost you $5.00 but the bubbles will make you feel first class!

Wear loafers without socks

Men – next time you slip into leather loafers leave your socks at home. Enjoy some leather against those feet. Make sure when you are out at a caf

Kiss someone’s hand

The next time you meet and greet someone kiss their hand. They will find this quite shocking however you will feel quite proper doing so.

Go to the races

Go to the races and dress to kill using items from an opportunity shop. You can go to some regional country races if they are cheaper to attend. Enter FASHIONS ON THE FIELD to win some money and get your name in the papers. Nice one.

Private yacht

Get a job working on a private yacht in the Mediterranean.

Drive the pleasurable route home

Always drive the most pleasurable, scenic way home past rich people’s houses. If you do this often eventually you will want to buy in that area and hopefully you will work hard and save hard to do so.

Get some driving gloves

Wear leather gloves while driving. Listen to classical music while you are driving also.

Dine at an expensive restaurant

Go out to an expensive restaurant. However, go for lunch there instead of dinner. It is usually cheaper to eat lunch at a restaurant rather than dinner.

Lose weight and get thin

Lose weight until you are wafer thin. It is hard to be rich and weighty because you will want to fit into all those designer clothes.

Wear a pearl necklace

My name means pearl but I digress. Wear fake pearls and feel rich. Fiddle with them and roll a pearl around your fingers while you are talking to people. This will draw even more attention to your beautiful jewels.

Serve pate

Buy some pate at the supermarket and then serve it up with some crackers.

Make cupcakes

Make designer cupcakes, put them in a flash box and then deliver them to yourself.

Buy cufflinks

Buy some cufflinks and wear them to your next party. Be sure to hold your glass to your mouth frequently so people can see them clearly.

Enjoy high tea in the garden

There is nothing better than enjoying high tea in the garden with a stack of gorgeous gourmet cakes. Organise high tea in your garden. Tell your girlfriends to wear a gorgeous hat and a summer dress.

Shape a hedge in your garden

Get clipping and shape a hedge in your garden into a fantastic sculpture. Topiary is the official term for garden art.

Get a therapist

Designate your best friend, pet or someone in your life as your therapist. Now refer to them as your therapist from this point moving forward. Tell people ‘you are OK now’ thanks to your therapist. Now give your doggy a nice big bone for helping you so much this month. He has saved you stacks of money on real therapy.

Send thank you notes

When someone does something nice for you, send a very classy thank you note. Be sure to add some kind of seal on the envelope, which will give people the impression you are very rich. A family Coat of Arms is a nice touch.

Go sailing on a river

Go sailing in a dingy on a river. This is still sailing! Plus it will make you want to save up for a bigger boat. Post to your networks: ‘Just enjoying some quiet time on the river.’

Ask for special dishes at restaurants

If you want to stand out in the crowd while eating dinner with friends at a restaurant, ask the waitress for a special dish. Make sure the dish is not on the menu. Ask them to create a meal especially for you.

Drape a sweater

Rather than wearing a jumper (sweater) around your waist because you do not want to carry it, drape one around your shoulders. You look very classy indeed young fella

Walk into real hotels

Spend the day touring hotels in your city. Have doormen open the door for you. Drink coffee in the foyer. Check your watch as if you are waiting for someone. If you cannot afford a holiday this is the best way to feel like you are actually on one. If you visit enough of them, this visualisation will be enough to spur you into wanting to save for a real one.

Clean your house like a hotel

Invest in a hotel style trolley and clean your house like it is hotel. Place a gorgeous extra blanket along the bottom of the bed. Flatten it with your hand. Place water bottles near the bed and fluff up the pillows. Put a compendium of places to visit in your area. Place a nice notepad and pen on a wooden desk. After a while you will really feel like you are living in a hotel. Now once completed go out for a while. When you get back fling your bag onto the bed and throw your shoes off randomly. Enjoy your new hotel room! Call out for room service by calling yourself a pizza.

Shop in rich areas

Shop at opportunity shops in rich areas and buy handbags there. You are bound to find a real Gucci!

Get a nose job

Use the beauty tips in the Savings Room to fake a nose job using bronzer! You can quietly enjoy your nose job and enjoy some new confidence.

Make friends in exotic locations

Make friends online in exotic locations like Rome and Paris. Talk about your new friends at parties. Talk about heading over there someday to visit them.

Drink freshly squeezed juice

Invest in a juicer and make your own freshly squeezed juice. Drink your health tonic every morning without fail.

Embroider your hankies

Buy some hankies and get them embroidered with your initials.

A great saying

If life gives you lemons, have your chef make your lemonade. If you repeat this quote to someone, follow it up with a loud arrogant laugh. If you want to get rich, make this expression your mantra.

Wear suspenders

If you are a man wear some suspenders with your pants to your next party. Pair them with some intellectual looking reading glasses. Do not forget your cufflinks and be sure to throw some quotes from Plato into the conversation.

Eat strudel

Pop up the shops and buy a nice strudel and some cream and custard to go with it. Now eat strudel until you are nicely stuffed. Eat more strudel tomorrow.

Get a nanny

Do you think childcare is too expensive? Get a bunch of friends together and share a nanny. That way you can tell people all about your nanny and how she is terribly good with the children.

Listen to Opera

Before heading out for your morning coffee, listen to Opera on a Saturday morning.

Never talk money to people

Never tell anyone your net worth. Only ever allude to what you might be worth or what those pearls on your neck might be worth. Let people make their own assumptions. Generally, if they see your Rolex or your pearls they will think you are much more filthy rich, than even you think you are.

Use foreign words

Use foreign words and phrases to be extremely pretentious like

Make chocolate fondue

Make chocolate fondue with large oversized strawberries at your next party. I picked up my fondue set in perfect condition from my local salvos!

Take up golf

Join a club and take up golf. Make some new friends who also play golf. Go golfing with them. If they are rich they might give you some great tips on also becoming rich. If nothing else, they might shout you a drink.

Keep a fake card

This exercise is purely for visualisation purposes only. Put a fake (cardboard) Gold credit card in your wallet. This will make you feel richer.

Take a cooking class

Watch famous chefs on YouTUBE and learn their tricks. You can tell people you are taking ‘cooking classes’ being led by a renowned chef!

Listen to opera while cooking

Cook while drinking wine and listening to opera music.

Join or start a private club

It does not matter what kind of club you join. Just make sure it is a private club. You could join a book club or a golf club or a tennis club. You could start your own club! Starting your own private club is probably your cheapest option. Who knows? People might start paying you money to join your club if you make it elite enough!

Sign a prenup

Who knows? You may get really rich hanging out in the Savings Room so it might be an idea to start considering a prenup now if you are planning to get married in the next year. Signing a prenuptial agreement will certainly make you feel like you have money in the bank, plus your new partner will think more highly of you. Just be careful your new hubby or wife to be is not the precious type, who will get so offended by your kind offer of a prenup that they will leave you standing at the alter!

Install large double front doors

Install large heavy front doors to your home. I have seen some fabulous doors at my local tip for five dollars!

Test drive your dream car

Dress up in an expensive looking suit and then go to a dealer and test-drive your dream car. Park your actual car a block away so the salesman does not see it.

Burn candles

Burn candles in your home. Make sure they smell delicious and are scented.

Go to rehab

Just because you cannot afford a trip to a real clinic you can create your own rehab clinic at home. Start a detox and health plan. Now deny invitations and tell people you are in rehab and unfortunately you will have to decline. Tell them you will be out of rehab in about six weeks.

Read money and finance magazines

Go to newsagencies and libraries and read money and finance magazines. Learn everything you can about money. Eventually you will have enough money to buy a subscription to the money magazines you have been reading and then you will learn even more about money. Cool.

Learn social etiquette

This is very important. Learn your etiquette. For example, when eating dinner at someone’s house DO NOT put tomato sauce on a steak just because it tastes better that way.

Empathise with everyone

Empathise with everyone. Even if you have no idea what it is like to be where they are.

Wear fake jewelry that looks real

Invest in lots of cheap fake jewellery that looks like the real thing. Now wear it with confidence like it is the real deal. Do not tell anyone it is not real. When someone comments on it just tell them how you also think it is lovely. Now quickly change the subject.

Get a fake infinity pool

Get a digital print made of an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Now have it put up on a wall in your backyard where it looks real. If nothing else you will want to start saving for a real one. This daily visualisation of the rich life will be very motivating.

Start a library in your home

Set up a private library in your home and retire to your library in the evenings with a Martini.

Visit your private island

Find an island in your region and visit it frequently. Make sure the island is a private island. Take your camping gear and some running shoes. You will need them when someone chases you off their property.

Stately driveway

Install a heavy iron gate in your driveway that feels stately to open.

Declutter your home

Give your unwanted items to charity.

Start quoting literature

Learn a few famous quotes from famous writers and philosophers. Now at your next party throw your quotes into conversation. People will be most impressed with your knowledge and how you seem oh so cultured.

Take a limo back from the airport

Investigate hiring a limo the next time you come back from the airport. Often these services are not that much more expensive that a regular taxi. Plus the limo driver will be standing there with a sign when you come out of the departure gate. This will make you feel extremely special.

Throw lavish parties

Find creative ways to throw cheap but lavish looking parties. Be sure to check out our party section to find out some cheap decorating tips.

Read the paper every Saturday

Read the paper every Saturday morning, at a café at a primo location where the world can see you.

Drink real coffee every day

Invest in a coffee machine and enjoy espresso every day of the week. Make sure your coffee is complicated. For example, double shot flat white, with skinny soy milk and Stevia please.

Wear white pants

White pants and boat shoes are very cheap to buy at opportunity shops. Invest in a pair for days you want to feel rich. If possible, also find yourself a t-shirt with wide or thin blue horizontal stripes on it. Now pop out to the shops and enjoy a Macchiato.

Visit Harvard or Oxford

Go to Harvard or Oxford. If in either country visit the campus. You can say

Go shopping in store

Visit a large store where you will go unnoticed. For some reason Costco comes to mind. Fill up a trolley and then abandon it. Oops forgot that wallet again. Gosh it felt good to be that rich though.

Wear tartan to parties

Men. Wear a pair of tartan pants to your next party with a bow-tie and a suit jacket. Do not forget your cufflinks and your bottle of Scotch.

Visit swimming pools

If you do not have a swimming pool at home, visit swimming pools in the summer. Swim in them, bask near them and lather yourself up constantly with sunscreen. Enjoy entire days by the pool. Have people find you down near the pool. They will say. ‘Gee

Hang out in rare book stores

Visit a rare bookstore or hang out in the rare books section at the library. Act interested. While you are there you might as well learn about some of the rare books. Otherwise this will just be a wasted trip.

Pretend your car is a Range Rover

Start calling your car your Range Rover, even if it is a Honda or Toyota. Drive it as if it was an expensive car. Say to whoever is listening, ‘I’ll be back in a sec. Just moving the Range Rover.’

Eat strawberries and drink Champagne

Buy some strawberries and budget Champagne. Put out a platter of strawberries and then pop one in your Champagne. Now sit on the porch and call a friend. When they ask what you are up to, you can tell them you are just sitting on the porch enjoying some nice strawberries and Champagne. They will be very impressed with your lifestyle.

Tell people your hard luck story

Despite the fact that you seem very rich people will not want to know. So be humble with it. Even though you feel very rich, be sure to tell people your hard luck stories and how hard it was to get to where you are now.

Inflate yourself to people

Tell people about your honorary degree, even if it is housework, which is mine at the moment. Print a fake one out and stick it on your wall above your desk. Most people never discuss the degree sitting above your desk. Usually it just makes you look smarter.

Talk about and plan holidays

Even if your holiday is five years away, because you cannot quite afford it yet, you can still talk about it and plan it. At parties discuss the finer details of your plans. For example, how you will be heading to New York to enjoy some time at Guggenheim and then flying to Paris for a little stroll in Montmartre.

Listen to jazz music

As a form of relaxation, listen to Jazz music as a wind down in the evenings. For example, you could listen to Jazz music while cooking dinner and enjoying a nice vino.

Listen to classical music

While lazing around on a Sunday afternoon, even if you are making the kids’ lunches, listen to classical music. Have it flow through your home like an expensive Champagne.

Start using your middle initial

Start using your middle initial if you have one. My name is Penina Petersen. But if I say Penina F. Petersen, that sounds so much more stately. Apparently this simple change to the way you write your name can greatly improve the way you are perceived in life. Try it! Imagine J.K Rowling without her middle initial? J Rowling just does not have the same effect does it?

Take up Yoga or Pilates

You do not have to spend a fortune to tell people you do Yoga or Pilates to stay fit. Simply invest in a Yoga or Pilates DVD and exercise at home. This way you can still brag about it but you will not be spending a fortune on it.

Make cheese fondue

Invest in a fondue set and make cheese fondue. Add white wine to your fondue and enjoy.

Buy yourself flowers

Send yourself a bunch of flowers and act really overwhelmed when you receive them. Send them to work so you can sound overwhelmed using an extra high-pitched voice and then you will have an audience. Send them from a mystery person just in case nosey workmates want to read the card, and they will.

Shop up big online

Go shopping. Add items to your online shopping cart, buy as many items as you desire and enjoy your shopping without abandon. Now abandon your cart and shut down your computer. That was fun.

Get a dog for fashion

Since you are so rich you will need another dog to put in your handbag. Get a poodle.

Enjoy a free steam room

Add eucalyptus to the bottom of a hot shower and close your eyes. Now you can enjoy your own free steam room! Spend enough time in there that it feels like you are in some Japanese-style steam room. Grab a small stool to sit on and turn the shower off. Sit in there for a while and let the steam work its magic.

Soak in spa pools

Find a moment and visit a spa pool at a recreation centre near your home. Pay their small entry fee. Once in the spa massage your feet and body on the jets. After your massage, close your eyes and imagine you are in Fiji. Imagine everything about Fiji: The grass huts, the smell of coconut, and the swim up bar. Relax. After doing this for some time you will actually want to put some money away to go there. Just hope that Fiji lives up to the same Fiji in your wonderful imagination!

Become a move director

It does not matter if you are just taking video of your kids and putting them on YouTUBE. This makes you a movie producer. Be sure to include credits that credit you as the producer. This is all the better! Get your name up in lights today and starts telling everyone you know that you are in the business of making movies!

Start mounting animals

I mounted a camel with my son at a country fair. I think this counts. Fake statues of animals are cheap to mount too. For example, I mounted a statue of a horse in Hawaii and then took a picture of myself. Funny. But seriously, if you want to feel rich you can mount a real animal. Start with a horse. Check out horse riding in your area and get some lessons.

Enjoy a wine with dinner

Sit up at the dinner table every night and enjoy a red or white wine with dinner.

Go to wine and food festivals

Wine tasting is a great day out with friends and is a cheap way to enjoy wine! Even better go to a wine and food festival where you can enjoy even more wine without the pressure of having to buy any.

Visit a flower shop

Visit an expensive flower shop and swan around like you buy flowers all the time. Buy a single rose for your loved one and get them to wrap it up beautifully in way too much paper.

Get a dog for protection

Since you are so rich you will need a dog to protect the premises.

Enlist a gardener

I have a gardener. He is my hubby. But then he has a hotel maid. All good.

Visit ski towns

Even if you never ski visit a ski town for the day. Go to a café at the ski town and drink some apple cider near a cosy fire.

Enjoy luxurious skin cream

Even if you have to make it yourself, keep some luxurious skin cream at hand. When in the company of others, pull your cream out and moisturise your hands. They will love the smell and they will get the impression that you are someone who really knows how to look after yourself.

Eat from a cheese platter

Buy some blue cheese and crackers. Add nice but cheap Chardonnay. Sit on a high stool with your legs crossed nibbling at your platter. Call someone and laugh out loud at his or her jokes.

Make a friend your chauffeur

If you want to feel rich on your birthday and someone asks you what you want you can ask him or her for this. Get them to drive you around for the day. Have them deliver and drop you off to cafes, theatres and friends houses. Drink Champagne the entire trip. IF you drink enough Champagne you will forget that your chauffeur is actually your friend. At the end of the trip invite your chauffeur in for a drink and give them a drink also, as a bonus.

Walk a poodle

Offer to babysit a poodle. Now go to an expensive shopping district and walk around with a poodle in your handbag.

Enlist a personal chef

Everyone has to eat right. So this means that we all have a personal chef. For example, I am my own personal chef and sometimes my hubby is my personal chef. If you have a real chef, who is a friend, invite them to come early to all your parties. Bribe them with Mint Juleps.

Get into first class

Find a way to get into first class. There are many ways including complaining that the airhostess keeps hitting your leg with the trolley. She has done this too many times now. You are a bit unhappy.

Drink Baileys by the fire

Sit by the fire and drink Baileys on the rocks.

Eat mud cake

Sit in the garden with a small fork and nibble away at a piece of mud cake. Drink tea.

Browse a new gallery exhibition

Visit an art gallery and talk art to patrons. Go to a new exhibition opening and talk to the artist.

Dress up for shopping

When going out shopping be sure to doll yourself up. If you are female wear heels, white jeans and a gorgeous top. Walk with an oversized handbag on your arm. Now head to expensive shopping districts and have the shop assistants fuss over you. Try on expensive clothes and have a wonderfully grand time.

Never swear when shocked

If you feel shocked never swear. Simply place your hand over your open mouth and act very surprised.

Put your initials on your shirt cuffs

To feel delightful about yourself embroider your initials (monogram) onto everything you own. Start by putting your initials on the cuffs of your shirt. Be sure to also include your middle initial.

Drink Mint Juleps

When spring arrives start making and drinking Mint Julep cocktails. These are ever so refreshing and will make you feel very rich. Pretend you are into horseracing. Serve this drink in a silver or pewter cup and hold your Mint Julep by the handle or rim. This will make sure it stays frosty. To make one place five sprigs of mint and two sugar cubes into a Collins glass. Muddle well. Now add bourbon. Fill with crushed ice and stir well until the glass turns frosty. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Get invited to weddings

Try to get invites to more weddings. Weddings are usually lavish affairs and always make you feel rich. You can drink Champagne and eat canap

Wear a Rolex

Buy a fake Rolex and wear it to parties with your cuff links. Do not tell people your Rolex is a fake one. Be sure to flash your watch at every opportunity. Leave your hand lying on the table at dinner with your shirt cuff nicely up. Make sure you wear some nice bling rings to match your watch to enhance impressions.

Go on a ferry ride

Go for a ride on a ferry and enjoy a view of the ocean from your mini ocean liner! Pretend the ferry is your own personal boat.

Never admit to ‘fake’

Never admit to anything being fake; your rings, your pearls, your cufflinks, art on your walls

Go to artist events

Go to events where you meet the artists and talk to the artist.

Gala event

Go to a gala charity event and soak up the awards atmosphere.

Eat oysters and scallops

At every opportunity you can gorge on oysters and scallops. For example, if you are at a wedding follow the waitress around for more oysters and scallops. Eat them without reservation.

Enjoy a scotch on the rocks

At the end of a long day, sit in a large comfortable chair near a fire or heater. Enjoy a Scotch on the Rocks. Discuss political matters with people who happen to be in the room with you.

Make a Champagne fountain

At your next party buy some cheap bubbles and create a Champagne fountain centrepiece.

Act like a celebrity

Dress and act like a celebrity. Walk, with purpose, as if you are being followed by the paparazzi. Wear big sunnies and dangle your handbag off your arm. Get your teenage little brother to follow you around town and take photos of you if you really want to get into character.

Sit in pergolas

Sit in a pergola in your garden or at the park and contemplate life. You could also read a book in a pergola as a form of relaxation.

Wear expensive perfume

Visit an expensive perfumery and sample perfume to your hearts content. Do so before a dinner party. That way when people ask what you are wearing you can mention a very expensive perfume you discovered.

Flip through magazines

Casually flip through magazines as if you have all the time in the world. Sit in the garden, by the ocean, at the beach or at a café and watch the world go by. Having time is a luxury of the rich.

Copy a celebrity’s style on the cheap

Cut out a celebrity’s outfit from a magazine. Now recreate the outfit by going to your local opportunity shop and picking out items that are exactly the same.

Attend university lectures

Attend free lectures in the city and enjoy learning important new theories and global developments. Mingle with the crowd afterwards and meet interesting and like-minded rich people like yourself.

Watch richer television

Watch TV rich people watch. Such programs include: SBS, the ABC, documentaries, the Discovery Channel, ABC news, political and current affair shows, as well as antique roadshows.

Pretend to be in Greece

Stretch out in your togs on a hot day in the backyard. Close your eyes and imagine you are on a Greek island. Picture everything about the Island until you really are there.

Blow dry your hair

Blow dry your hair until you look wonderfully well groomed.

Browse finance sections of bookstores

You are a product of your environment. If you hang out and browse the finance sections of bookstores regularly you will probably make rich friends in the isles and also learn a lot about how to get rich.

Pick rich sounding baby names

Name your baby after a fine Vintage. Definitely include a middle name so your baby can use their middle initial when they are pretending to be rich when they are old.

Burn incense

There is something about burning incense that makes a person feel especially good. So burn some while you are drinking a latte on the porch and reading the paper on Saturday morning.

Drink Veuve from Aldi

Aldi sell Veuve Sparkling Brut from the same region In France but at a ridiculously low price. Take some to your next party and do not tell your friends where you got it. They will think you are rich.

Stay in bed drinking tea

Stay in bed all day in your pyjamas reading books and drinking tea.

Name your home

Think up a rich sounding name for your home. Use some gorgeous gold script lettering on the sign. Now put the sign up on your front fence. You will feel very rich every time you come home. People who visit will also think you are rich. Come over for tea at ‘The Darlington’ darling. Yes, yes

Instant butler

Kids make great butlers. For a day call your child your butler and you will feel tremendously rich, even if for a day. Definitely ask your child to open the door for you.

Go out for brunch

Call your friends and meet them for brunch. Make sure you all know it is brunch and not breakfast or lunch.

Hang out at auction houses

Hang out in auction houses and soak up the atmosphere. You do not have to buy anything. If the auction house does not give you a paddle to bid with and people are using their hands, for goodness sake, do not scratch your face. You might accidentally buy a very expensive antique!

Be right, always be right

Even if you are wrong, just pretend you are right. Because you are rich you can get away with anything.

Work on an old boat

Buy an old boat and spend years fixing it up. You can say

Invest in a white bath robe

Invest in a cheap yet luxurious feeling white robe with deep pockets for both you and your partner. Get slippers to match.

Enjoy a bubble bath and Champagne

Have a bubble bath. Light some candles in the bathroom. Enjoy a glass of Champagne or wine.

Take up oil painting

Buy a canvas and some cheap oil paints and take up oil painting. Call a gallery and see if they would be interested in viewing your piece.

Get pampered on the cheap

Investigate beauty schools in your area and book in for some cheap pampering. This way you can feel rich for a fraction of the price!

Take the boat out

Work on an old boat for years. You will visualise sailing in it. Eventually you will get to take the boat out. Visualisation is great like that.

Buy Gold

With all the great money you save and make from using the Savings Room, buy Gold.

Give air kisses

The next time you give someone a kiss on the cheek do not actually touch their cheek. Also kiss them on both cheeks, but do not kiss them, throw your kisses into the air.

Go out for tea and cake

There is nothing finer than a perfect piece of teacake and a cup of perfectly brewed tea darling. So go out and treat yourself.

Buy Fiji water

Buy the nicest bottled water you can find. Fiji water comes to mind. I just like the bottle. Now refill it with plain water or water from your Soda Stream machine.

Pick your words well

Learn a few big words and start using them. For example, instead of saying ‘That sucks.’ Say ‘Well, that is disappointing.’

Rent a big rundown home

Rent a massive house with a massive garden. It does not matter if the house is rundown. The massive space a large house provides will make you feel rich. You will want to be richer because when the rental contract is up you will not want to move back into a smaller home.

Buy coffee at a stylish cafe

Coffee is coffee and does not vary in price from place to place too much. So if you are going to buy coffee, buy one at a lovely, rich looking café in a rich suburb.

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