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New Money Smart figures show that holidays account for $77 in the average Australian household’s weekly budget, adding up to a total of $4,004 a year. Prices for flights, car hire and accommodation peak in December and January, making the annual summer holiday and expensive exercise for families.

Here are some simple tips to save money on your summer holiday by using the sharing economy.

  • Save $455 on car hire by borrowing a car through peer-to-peer car sharing service Car Next Door. A 7-day, 300km round trip in a small car with reduced insurance excess at peak time would cost around $750 in a traditional hire car. The same trip in a local car from Car Next Door would cost just $295.
  • If you’re planning a motoring holiday, save on campervan hire with peer-to-peer service Camplify. Hiring a campervan that sleeps four people costs $260 a night from Jucy rentals, and around $90 a night through Camplify – a saving of $1,190 on a 7-day trip.
  • Accommodation is one of the biggest costs of any holiday. A hotel room by the beach in December could cost around $2,335 for 7 nights. Book a spare room in someone’s home from around $935 for 7 nights with Airbnb and save $1,400.
  • If your furry friend can’t come along on your holiday, you’ll need to find someone to look after them. A cattery or kennel at peak time can cost up to $350 a week. With MadPaws you can find a pet sitter near you to visit your pet each day from around $140 a week. You’ll save $210 and your four-legged friend gets to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.
  • No trip to the beach is complete without a day in the surf. Hiring a board from a surf rental company costs between $40-60 a day, or just $25 a day through peer-to-peer equipment rental platform, Quipmo – that’s a saving of $35.
  • Save money and boot space by hiring baby gear from other parents through Kindershare. Hiring a portacot and pram from a traditional baby gear rental company would cost $80-100 a week. You’ll save around $60 a week using Kindershare.
  • While you’re away rent out your unused driveway or parking spot to someone who needs it – and make around $250 a month withParkhound.
  • Download the free GetReminded app to remind you when you need to update your passport, book all or parts of your holiday as well as reminders about travel insurance, holiday pet care and more.

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As the year comes to a close many of us are dreaming of a holiday in 2020. And it’s hard to juggle budgets and find holiday money with the expense of Christmas looming.
However, there’s good news from Agoda.com to make it easier for you to plan and budget for your holiday.
Because Agoda.com is the first online digital travel booking platform to enable Australians to book and pay for their holiday accommodation via interest-free instalments, and can still access to Agoda’s lowest price deals .You can now choose to pay for your travel accommodation with Afterpay on Agoda.com, paying in four interest-free payments for any of Agoda’s “Book Now, Pay Now” accommodation options.
And there are loads of accommodation options to choose from with Agoda offering over 2.5 million properties globally. There’s accommodation to suit all budgets and travel occasions. You can opt for luxury, mid-range or budget-friendly hotels. Or select apartments, villas or unique properties from Agoda Homes that offer additional facilities such as kitchens, which can be helpful in watching your budget whilst you are on holiday.
How Afterpay works on Agoda.com

  • The Afterpay payment option is applicable on Book Now, Pay Now accommodation
  • At checkout, select Afterpay as your payment method
  • Pay over four fortnightly payments, interest-free
  • The payment option is applicable to hotel room charges only (excluding local taxes, service fees, and additional charges)

Go to www.agoda.com/afterpay for more information.

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As the year draws to an end, we’re all getting pretty tired. I like to dream a little. I’ve decided to write today about the kind of amazing adventures you can get dreaming about, too.
I’ve circumvented this planet several times. I did most of my travels in Japan, which was the experience of a lifetime. As a mum now, who is elbow deep in domestic duties and work most days, I do love to dream. I often find myself staring out a window, remembering the freedom of my travel days. You can read my article “Are you a super housewife” to get a feel of how I take myself on holiday in my head. Well, life is short and I’m making a new bucket list of amazing adventures I’d like to go on. Africa, India, and South America have always been on my list. So today, I’m venturing to South Africa from my desk to see what’s on the travel table.

Consider Africa for Your Next Dream Holiday

OMG! Here’s the ultimate guide on how to have the best African holiday ever! You may have scoured the internet already researching amazing safaris in Botswana. Or your flavour might be the mesmerising beauty of the Kingdom of Jordan. In Jordan, for example, you can take in some wonderful experiences which include staying in hunting lodges and castles.
Africa is rich in culture, breathtaking natural landscapes, and unforgettable adventures. Sites like Bench Africa offer comprehensive experiences in different African destinations. You can easily find the right African destination for you, as their website lets you browse by experience and filter by country, trip length, or cost per day depending on your budget.

Yolanda / Pixabay

18 Amazing African Destinations to Get You Inspired

Bench Africa has a wide portfolio of offerings in Africa’s most beautiful destinations–all of which can be found on their website. These include:

  1. Botswana – Desert and Delta Safari (7 days)
  2. Jordan – Highlights of Jordan (6 days)
  3. Kenya – Giraffe Manor (2 days)
  4. Madagascar – 1000 Views of Madagascar Safari (12 days)
  5. Mauritius – Stay at Le Mauritius Hotel (7 days)
  6. Mozambique – Ibo Island Lodge (4 days)
  7. Oman – Natural Exploration (10 days)
  8. South Africa – Splendours of South Africa (24 days)
  9. Tanzania – Serengeti Wilderness Safari (6 days)
  10. United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi – Ramada Downtown (4 days)
  11. Zimbabwe – Cape to Kruger Overland Safari (26 days)
  12. Egypt – Ultimate Egypt tour (12 days)
  13. Malawi – Bush & Beach Safari (10 days)
  14. Morocco – Imperial Cities Tour (8 days)
  15. Namibia – Diverse Namibia (10 days)
  16. Rwanda – Gorilla Trekking – Virunga Lodge /Serena
  17. Uganda – Classical Lodge Safari
  18. Zambia – Royal Livingstone tour

So now that you have the perfect African destination in mind, let’s get packing!

Mariamichelle / Pixabay

32 Essentials to Put on Your African Safari Packing List

  • Power adapter – You’ll need a universal one and a special one when visiting South Africa.
  • Travel insurance is a must-have. Organise through your travel provider.
  • A passport holder (yes, the good ole’ fashioned hidden bum bag or cross-body purse) for holding cash, cards, and mobile phone – Make sure it has strong zippers and is sturdy.
  • Always take photos of your passport, identification cards, and others before leaving home.
  • Stainless steel water bottle
  • Hard-wearing sandals to wear in the hot weather
  • Comprehensive first aid travel kit
  • Hiking shoes – Make sure they are the ventilated kind for the hot weather.
  • Sarong – They can double as a sheet, towel, blanket, curtain, swimmer’s cover, and scarf
  • Rain jackets
  • Solid shampoo – So your liquid shampoo doesn’t get confiscated on the flight.
  • Electrolytes – So you can avoid dehydration in the hot climate.
  • Protein bars – Meat can be expensive in Africa.
  • Sunscreen – Go for a bulk pack when you get to Africa. Pack it in your suitcase so it doesn’t get confiscated.
  • Flash drive – To download images when there is no Wi-Fi.
  • Baby or wet wipes – Very handy any day of the week and in any location (even in my house!)
  • 4-5 tank tops to keep cool in
  • 2-3 lightweight shirts to cover arms and shoulders
  • A pair of comfortable shoes to wear daily
  • Several pairs of socks
  • Lightweight dresses and long skirts to avoid sunburn
  • Underwear including undies (a week’s worth), sports and regular bras
  • Lightweight pants such as harem, trekking, or yoga pants
  • Swimsuits
  • A large brimmed hat
  • A good, sturdy backpack
  • Wire mesh bag protector for belongings
  • Razors, floss, hair products, face wash, and general toiletries
  • Camping gears such as tent, headlamp, sleeping mat, and light sleeping bag
  • A collapsible fold-up shopping bag

cocoparisienne / Pixabay

Well, that’s all from me today.
Happy travelling – if you decide to put Africa on your bucket list!

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I do love the hustle-n-bustle of ole’ Sydney town. When I visit I let the little rat in me out. I sniff around for as many of the good pickings as I can.
As a Melbourne mum who lucked out with an impromptu trip recently, I was after a few humble delights.

  1. A soft, warm, no-one-in-it bed primed for my sleep-in
  2. A hotel where the TV, heater and phone works
  3. Perfect just-hot-enough coffee within metres of me
  4. Somewhere awesome to go for a run
  5. The ultimate get-it-done fast shopping trip
  6. A great vantage point to take in Sydney culture from
  7. A beaut restaurant to catch up with old friends
  8. As much rest as I could muster while cramming in all of the above

JanClaus / Pixabay

OK, so I’m a mum who doesn’t get out much – I admit (well, not until recently anyway!). I’m the type of person who can have the time of her life at a park or a pool. I’ll frolic anywhere that isn’t my house and have a whirl of a time doing so.
Even better, put me on a plane to Sydney (even if it’s work) without kids in tow, and I’m gone for all money. I’m the 46 year old, sucking on lollipops on the Skybus. I’m the girl at the gate on a barstool at the window. You’ll find me sipping on a wine and flipping through mags well before the boarding gate is open.
Firstly, here are a few essentials for a mum’s trip to Sydney. I’ve  compiled this list from some of my travel mistakes and travel wins recently.
Make sure you’ve got these into your Sydney planning equation:

fam-goehring / Pixabay

  1. Backpack – much more practical than the handbag I took
  2. Sneakers – the kind that go with both dress pants and casual gear
  3. A good book,– for those restful nights in a silent no-one-in-it bed
  4. A hotel opposite a supermarket – very handy!
  5. Messenger – put everyone in a group and put them on speed dial

Here are a few of the secrets I sniffed out last time I was in this divine cosmos of Sydney city.  There are many hidden secrets here.  
Think outside the square:  Annual events, fairs, museums and even eco parks.
Here’s a tip:
When visiting Sydney don’t trap yourself entirely in the CBD. Sydney’s surrounds offer a huge wonderland of goodies.

antongorlin / Pixabay

These all require:

  • Walking stamina: Take a good pair of runners
  • Cruising prowess: You’re not steering the boat so you can rest up (Note: Do check available tickets for cruises ahead of time.)
  • Road trip happiness: Search for car rental around Sydney, and cram even more Sydney goodness in

Here are a few ways to enjoy Sydney on your next trip:
Take a walking tour
A ‘walking tour’ around Circular Quay is a great way to get up close and personal with Sydney. Check out the Harbour Bridge and Instagram yourself with this postcard background. Wander through The Rocks on the way to the Opera House. Drop by the Royal Botanic Gardens and end your tour in inspiring Darling Harbour.

pattyjansen / Pixabay

Take in the culture
Sydney boasts some amazing museums. Famous galleries include the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Sydney Museum. If you that’s not enough do this. Hit the Powerhouse Museum and Australian National Maritime Museum.
Other great attractions include:

  • Sydney’s IMAX Theatre
  • Sydney Aquarium
  • Wildlife Sydney Zoo
  • Madame Tussauds

Free-Photos / Pixabay

Hit the water
While in Sydney, make the most of your visit by going out on a boat or ferry. Enjoy an ambient dinner cruise or take a trip to Balmain or Manly. There are also party and dance cruises if that’s your thing.
Also consider the amazing outer suburbs of Sydney.  These destinations are great to visit:

  • Watsons Bay if you love seafood
  • Shelly Beach for snorkelling
  • Cockatoo Island for history, the best cocktails and a good wood-fired pizza
  • Sydney Tower & the Blue Mountains for Pacific Ocean views
  • Sydney Skywalk for a glass floor and city views experience

Are you excited to visit Sydney? Hop on a plane and discover the thousands of activities this vibrant city has on offer. I can’t wait to go again. So much fun!

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Family holidays never fail to get my loved ones jumping with excitement. We’re always up for an excuse to escape the hammers and nails at home – that pesky renovation!
We love to rest it up and relax in exotic locations. Not that we get to do it much – but gosh it’s nice to dream. Check this out: How to buy a dream island and you’ll get the picture of the kind of wishful thinking I’m talking about.

Pok_Rie / Pixabay

There are lucky families who get to go on holiday more than we do. I hope they’re not racking up a debt on the credit card like we did once, ’cause that’s well – silly.
If you’re in the nice spot in life where you get to leave home because you can afford it, read on. I’ve got some super fast and awesome tips for making your next adventure a success.

Planning your travels

Shortly, you’ll be answering a few nice questions like:
  • Where should you go?
  • How many days should you spend on your holiday?
  • Where should you all dine out on the first night?
  • Should you book a massage to go with that hotel room?
Of course, there’ll be a few curly questions too. These are the pesky one’s that will have you scratching your head.

Angelica_Online / Pixabay

Here’s one:

Should you hire a car or not?
If you’re on a tight budget, I bet you’re wondering how to save on a cost like this.
Luckily, you are hanging in the Savings Room!
I’ve got stacks of ways you can save on travel. You can check some of my travel tips here.
Otherwise, read on to discover some awesome tips for keeping costs down on your next holiday.

Steal these rental car tips & save big

Take Control

Arriving in a foreign land makes you totes dependent on the local infrastructure. Taxis and public transport are well, foreign too. Compared to what you know, you might find them unreliable. Or they may actually be crappy compared to your town. Avoid chasing transport instead of enjoying yourself. Car hire gives you control total control and freedom.
Think: Kids and a bunch of bags and you’ll be hiring a car quick smart. I can’t put a price on this once-a-year kind of sanity.
If your destination happens to be Western Australia, you can rent a car in Perth from Ace Rent A Car. These guys will have your vehicle waiting for you (and the family – if you chose to take them!) at the airport.

stux / Pixabay

Explore at your leisure

The best way to get into all the nooks and crannies of a travel destination is by renting a vehicle. Organised tours can be a pain. They’ll march you all over the place and you won’t get that well-deserved nanna nap you might like to take at your leisure.
And as you slow down on your holiday, those nanna naps get prevalent! You’ll want to plan for these moments of complete inertia.